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Spring has definitely sprung around here, and I've been in a great mood accordingly. It's my birthday month and it's always the springiest, prettiest month around these parts, with everything blooming and temps in the 60s-70s, so warm enough to break out springy things but not hot yet. I've been on break from school this week and I've had a cold, OF COURSE, but I'm finally feeling better and back on track with my good moodiness.

I'm working on a Hawkeye fic, which has been super fun, but I think I'm at a place where I need to wait and make sure I'm not writing anything that contradicts canon too terribly much- I am waiting for the trade paperback of Hawkeye 1-6 to get to me next week so I can double check. Writing comics fic is kind of hard; I think I kind of subconsciously pare down my writing so it's really spare, and of course I'm worried about getting the voices right since I've never written these characters before. Clint Barton, you are a man of few words. I am caught up on Young Avengers, the new run and the one directly preceding, so I feel like I have a little better handle on Kate, although I have been hearing spoilery rumors re: Hawkeye/YA ) that I'm trying to forget I ever heard.

Also selectively rewatching XF for another writing project and hot damn, how can two people have so much onscreen chemistry? I just keep writhing around in my chair like, "OH YOU TWO" at them every time Mulder or Scully says anything. I've also gotten sucked in to a hilarious tumblr chronicling the bizarreness of the GA/DD relationship, which I cannot believe I knew nothing about in all my years of XF obsession. Maybe because I was in middle and high school and ~wanted to believe and just had total blinders on about the fact that they were at best completely indifferent to each other, and said as much (or worse!) all the time in interviews? Who knows. I never really shipped them, just Mulder/Scully, though, so idk. They seem to have just gotten weirder with the passing years.

AAAND, the new ST trailer ) I have faith that no matter what happens, fandom will fill in the gaps, so it's all good.
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Somehow I have been eaten by a slight comics obsession. I blame this on Stupid Tumblr- first I rewatched Thor, Captain America, and Avengers, and then I started following a Marvel blog and was seduced by some scans of Runaways. So I am now in possession of the entire run and am working my way through. I'm only on #4 but am enjoying so far- I just realized how much I love the "runaways make it on their own/ find chosen family" trope. Especially if said runaways have an awesome hideout.

I also saw some scans of Hawkeye, and OMG YES. The art is awesome; it reminds me a little bit of Dan Clowes and the whole book is pretty spare and a little noirish. I may actually venture to a real live comic book store to track down some more issues, but I preordered Vol. 1 which comes out in March because having to deal with/store actual individual issues of comic books stresses me out and we have way too much crap in our house already. I am really excited about Kate Bishop showing up; I saw some scans from later in the series and I'm looking forward to Hawkeye & Hawkeye banter.

Last but definitely not least in my comics binge is Saga--it's about a couple on opposing sides of an interplanetary war who, against all odds, get together and have a baby. They're now on the run from both sides of the conflict and a freelance bounty hunter. I'm kind of in love with the whole world of this comic and the characters. I signed up for Rarewomen and really, really hope I get to write about someone from Saga.

I am pretty monofannish for the most part so it's exciting to feel that way about something besides Trek for a change. And daunting, because (at least with Marvel) there is SO MUCH out there.

In other writing news, I am almost 10k into a Trek AU that is, kill me now, a Dragonriders of Pern fusion. I don't even know. I went to ye olde kink meme looking for ideas and someone prompted this and talked about Bones as a crotchety weyr healer who seriously side-eyes the whole dragonriding thing and I don't know, I just really wanted to write it. And instead of being crack, it is painfully earnest, because I'm broken and can't write crack. I refused to give them all the dragonrider honorifics, though, because no. Anyway, I now have semi-elaborate headcanon for what would happen if Vulcans colonized Pern along with humans and why they might not be so hot on the whole Impression thing (Spock is cast as a reluctant bluerider who impresses by accident, a la Jaxom and Mirrim, if you're familiar with Pern at all). Who knows if this will ever see the light of day, but it's immensely pleasing to my 9-year-old self to be writing it.

I'm also thinking about plotting out a sequel to my STBB from 2010 (Something Rich and Strange, aka most pretentiously titled story ever, aka the only long fic I've ever written.) I have no idea where to go with it, or how far to take it. I reread SRaS and, after 2+ years I actually feel like it's pretty good and might be worth expanding on. I think Into Darkness might give me some more juice for that kind of wordbuilding.

AND, I started watching TOS with the mini and he can now successfully identify both Kirk ("Coke") and Spock ("Pock") without prompting. My work here is done.
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I'm writing something for Porn Battle XIV (there are tons of fun prompts, fyi!) and I forgot how much of a pain in the ass it can be to write sex scenes. I feel like I need to draw diagrams to make sure body parts can actually do the things I'm making them do. Or that I haven't accidentally given someone three hands or something. This is why fade to black sex is good.
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...I knew signing up for that damn bingo card was a bad idea because now I have ideas for, like, 90% of the card. I like that this challenge encourages me to shamelessly give in to all the cheesy desires of my little heart. I mean, au: daemons. Spock is obviously Kirk's daemon in this scenario. And (going by His Dark Materials-style daemons) Kirk is obviously a kid so that Spock can change forms. Oh god, or maybe Bones makes a better daemon? Aaaand now I want to write a whole HDM AU, which would probably require rereading the books. But I actually *wrote a couple sentences of fic* the other day, which I haven't done since my ability to write creatively up and left me in, oh, fall of 2010.

In other news, I picked up The Bone Key and have been working my way through it after everyone goes to sleep (I have finally, finally succumbed to e-books, after much resistance. I blame the iPad Mini and its perfect, perfect size). It's awesome; it's a collection of short stories focused on one Kyle Murchison Booth, socially awkward archivist extraordinaire. Very Lovecraftian, only with more incubi. I finished it last night and promptly started (again finally) Game of Thrones. I'm only a couple chapters in but enjoying it so far.

And now I'm going to go write more daemon before someone wakes up from his nap.
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time travel au: historical forced to marry sex pollen kidfic
au: steampunk au: apocalypse mistletoe kiss au: daemons secret twin / doppelganger
food porn game night FREE

presumed dead au: other
rivals to lovers genderswap au: magic soul bonding / soulmates au: space
au: fantasy celebratory kiss telepathy / mindmeld day at the beach fuck or die

I am about to have NO TIME WHATSOEVER so I don't know what's going to happen with this, but 6 months to post one story I can probably work with.
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Sorry for the radio silence in these parts! Fic has eaten my life a little bit, and I've just been writing writing writing, which has been really amazing. Unfortunately, it's all stuff that can't be posted for months and months, so I'm trying to stave off my need for instant gratification by reading and commenting on lots of other fic in an effort to live vicariously through people.

The Remix 2010 Archive went live this past Sunday, and there is some really great stuff up. I've only read in Star Trek so far, but wow. The remix of my story Downtime is here and it is so much fun- the original story is a little gen ficlet about an impromptu ping-pong tournament on the Enterprise, and my remixer expanded the fic and set it in the mirrorverse. Go check it out!

Other fics I love from Remix are The Loudest Noise (affannato, affetuoso, agitato) (phenomenally good Gaila and Uhura-centric Academy-era story with such creative worldbuilding; I'm seriously insanely jealous of Anon's brain and want to go to there immediately) and Pipe Dreams (the Marzipan in Your Pieplate Megamix) (go check out the original ficlet (Pipe Dreams) by Iambic first, then read the expansive remix. I can't say a whole lot without spoiling but it is just so good!)

Reveals are this Sunday, and I am so excited to see who wrote for me and squee at them, and then go squee at my remixee, because she really liked my story and I have so much I want to say to her about it, but I can't yet. I'm scared that if I comment anon I'll be found out somehow, so I just have to wait 'til Sunday. I was really worried about the story, but I'm now really happy with how it turned out barring a few small tweaks that I will make after the reveals happen.

I'm also writing a [ profile] trekreversebang pinch hit that is so not what I usually write but is turning out to be a lot of fun. That goes up June 16th, so not too much longer until that heady "I just posted a story" feeling. What can I say, I'm becoming addicted to feedback. Not-so-secret shame!


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