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Yay! I loved this fest the first time I did it and am excited to be part of this round. Just some general things I like: banter, creepy stuff/horror, bittersweetness, space, darker themes, angst (resolved or not), obsessive and/or codependent relationships, gallows humor, magical realism, magical creatures, friendships, m/m, m/f, f/f, threesomes and moresomes, fic of any rating. I don't know, every time I try to come up with lists of what I like seems more random than the last. I'm really easy to please, honestly.

AO3: jouissant

Requesting fic for all of these. I don't know, I'm just going to ramble about these songs. Please feel free to run in any direction they pull you--half the fun for me is seeing how different people interpret them.

This Tornado Loves You--Neko Case

There's so much violence and obsession in this song, and maybe some delusion, too. Who is the singer? A murderer, a villain, a literal storm? Who do they want and why? What drove them to this point? There's obviously history here, and in the moments when she's singing about their past there's a real innocence there to me--tell me their backstory or tell me about who they are to each other, or about how things end up. Is this other person impressed by the carnage, or horrified?

The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest-- Bob Dylan

This song sounds like a fable to me-- like something told to kids to warn them off. Like okay, Frankie gets tempted into a whorehouse or whatever, but we all know he's really there for his good friend Judas Priest. So what's their deal? Is Judas Priest some kind of demon tempting Frankie to sin? Was he an innocent once who was corrupted along the way and is now bent on tempting his companion? Is this all bullshit, and did they grow old happily together somewhere, and shake their heads at how wrong the history books got it? This is such a Tragic Gay moral panic kind of story to me and I am all about any way to you want to take that or turn it on its head.

I Love You, Honeybear--Father John Misty

Everything is doomed, and nothing will be spared--but I love you, Honeybear.

A couple wrapped up in each other while the world burns--are they the instigators? Are they exempt somehow? Are they in denial? Do they just not care? What kind of apocalypse is this, anyway? Literal or metaporical? How right are they that they'll make it out together?

Rusholme Ruffians--The Smiths

This song paints such a picture for me- the last night of the fair, and people are out looking for love, for money, for sex, for all of the above. Who's the narrator? Who or what is he looking for tonight? I mean, his faith in love is STILL DEVOUT even if he walks home alone, and also he wants you to scratch his name on your arm with a fountain pen...this dude has a lot going on. He sounds in love with love to me, for better or for worse. This is why The Smiths will always appeal to my inner lovesick teenager; this song has always had a life-or-death vibe to me in the way that young love tends to feel. Does he have a relationship with any of the people he sings about at the fair? The schoolgirl, the greasy-haired speedway operator, the boy who's stabbed? Or is one of these people him, and he's telling a story about himself?
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First off, thanks for signing up and offering these songs! I'm really excited about this fest and think the concept is really cool, so I'm looking forward to pretty much anything. I don't tend to come up with very concrete narrative ideas from songs outside of what's explicitly there in the lyrics, so please feel free to take any prompts very loosely or just go to town writing original fic inspired by the song in some way. I say this in all my dear author letters, but I really want to read the story you want to write, and that matters way more to me than anything I suggest here. Especially with this fest, I'm really looking forward to being taken in a totally random direction with my assignment, so I want to emphasize that kind of open ended-ness in my letter. I like slash, femslash, het and gen fic, all ratings. I have very few squicks, and can be sold on pretty much anything narrative-wise.

General thematic likes: worldbuildy stuff, in spaaaaace, dystopias, creepiness, horror elements, totally weird & out of left field stuff, slice of life, historical fiction, romance, melancholy or dark fic as long as there's hope in there somewhere.

Dislikes: lots of explicit gore or violence, though aftermath or discussion of such is fine. Totally gratuitous non-con, although again it's all in the handling.

The songs!

Cemetery Gates, The Smiths: I get this image of friends who are also academic or artistic rivals in some way, because of the narrator chiding the second person for plagiarizing. Adults or teenagers or younger kids, it's all good. Why are they in the cemetery? Are they ~deep, emo teenagers who hang out in graveyards? Are they ghosts?

Hairdresser on Fire, Morrissey: The story behind this song is fascinating to me- it just seems like such an off the wall thing to write about. I would love to read a story that just takes the lyrics and plays them straight: A hairdresser with powers-what are they exactly? Is this a world where this kind of power is common, or are they hiding it? "Can you squeeze me into an empty page in your diary/and supernaturally change me?/I've got faith in you."

Razzle-Dazzle Rose, Camera Obscura: So Razzle-Dazzle Rose is a Crayola crayon color, which I know because I was really into the massive package of Crayolas as a child. Anyway. Maybe because of that, I get kind of a coming of age/childhood friendships evolving vibe from this song. Femslash for this one might be really awesome.

Off To The Races, Lana Del Ray: There's so much going on here, man. You could go play with the Old Hollywood vibe, write about a struggling actress who thinks she has it all figured out, treat her as an unreliable narrator, write her as actual Lolita/Dolores Haze all grown up...this song pleases me immensely, so you can seriously just go nuts with it and I'm sure I'll love it.


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