Mar. 15th, 2013 03:29 pm
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Spring has definitely sprung around here, and I've been in a great mood accordingly. It's my birthday month and it's always the springiest, prettiest month around these parts, with everything blooming and temps in the 60s-70s, so warm enough to break out springy things but not hot yet. I've been on break from school this week and I've had a cold, OF COURSE, but I'm finally feeling better and back on track with my good moodiness.

I'm working on a Hawkeye fic, which has been super fun, but I think I'm at a place where I need to wait and make sure I'm not writing anything that contradicts canon too terribly much- I am waiting for the trade paperback of Hawkeye 1-6 to get to me next week so I can double check. Writing comics fic is kind of hard; I think I kind of subconsciously pare down my writing so it's really spare, and of course I'm worried about getting the voices right since I've never written these characters before. Clint Barton, you are a man of few words. I am caught up on Young Avengers, the new run and the one directly preceding, so I feel like I have a little better handle on Kate, although I have been hearing spoilery rumors re: Hawkeye/YA ) that I'm trying to forget I ever heard.

Also selectively rewatching XF for another writing project and hot damn, how can two people have so much onscreen chemistry? I just keep writhing around in my chair like, "OH YOU TWO" at them every time Mulder or Scully says anything. I've also gotten sucked in to a hilarious tumblr chronicling the bizarreness of the GA/DD relationship, which I cannot believe I knew nothing about in all my years of XF obsession. Maybe because I was in middle and high school and ~wanted to believe and just had total blinders on about the fact that they were at best completely indifferent to each other, and said as much (or worse!) all the time in interviews? Who knows. I never really shipped them, just Mulder/Scully, though, so idk. They seem to have just gotten weirder with the passing years.

AAAND, the new ST trailer ) I have faith that no matter what happens, fandom will fill in the gaps, so it's all good.


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