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Hello! Thank you for writing for me for this exchange. I'm excited that we share one or more TRC ships and I'm looking forward to what you write. I'm really easy to please, so please don't stress and have fun with your story, and I'm sure I'll love it.

General stuff:

Likes: darker themes, angst (resolved or not), pining, unhealthy relationships, obsessive or codependent relationships, gallows humor, strong friendships, found families, canon-divergent AUs, use of canon elements (magic/Cabeswater/dream objects etc.)

Dislikes: fluff, curtainfic, futurefic where all the canon events are nicely resolved, total AUs (coffeeshop AUs etc).

I'm cool with sex of any level of explicitness for any of these pairings. I don't have any specific Do Not Wants or triggers.



I have a lot of feelings about these two. I love their codependence and the way Gansey looks out for Ronan to what can't possibly be a healthy degree. I'd love to see a fic where that catches up with him--where is Gansey's breaking point when it comes to Ronan? What if Ronan tried to push him there?

Some other thoughts:
D/s overtones (what if they just stumbled into this without really knowing it was a thing, or if it started platonically and then they realized they were into it a sexual way?)

How did Ronan react when Gansey and Adam became friends?

Pre-canon, prior to Niall's death, the calm before the storm.


These two...gah, they're right up there with Gansey/Ronan for me. I love the complexities of their relationship, the way Adam seems to vacillate between hating Gansey and loving him, wanting to be him and wanting to destroy everything he stands for. I'd love to see something dealing with the way his growing powers get tangled up with that. What about what he saw in the tree? And the party in The Dream Thieves--a missing scene from that would be cool, or an alternate take that sees the two of them fighting for slightly different reasons.


These three are just a big codependent mess, imo. You could write about them finding their footing as a trio, about the rockiness and feelings that crop up around it. I imagine there was a lot of tension around Adam's home life before that was resolved--what kind of conversations/arguments came out of that? How does Adam deal with his issues surrounding the socioeconomic differences between them?

How do they sort things out and come together? How does Blue upset the applecart, if at all? I'd love a story that gets into the messy parts of being a threesome, the jealousies, the hurt feelings. They're basically kids, they're not going to do any of this perfectly.


Okay, forbidden love is one of my ultimate jams, and Blue and Gansey's illicit drives and phone calls are like catnip to me. I can totally see them enlisting Noah as a middle man of sorts, like a proxy for the physical aspect of their relationship. Maybe the three of them do it once and fall into the habit, maybe they all fall for each other. Maybe Noah is interested in Blue and thinks this is his best shot at any kind of relationship, and Blue and Gansey can't bring themselves to put a stop to things.


Trash ship time!

Magical compulsions! Mind control! Necrophilia! I don't know! I just know that there is a high likelihood that Gansey is not going to be 100% in his right mind when he finally finds Glendower and that the chances of that going wrong somehow are also reasonably high. Feel free to go as dark with this as you want. I could also see some kind of Chamber of Secrets/Tom Riddle type situation happening, with Glendower compelling Gansey to find him For Nefarious Reasons.


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