May. 27th, 2010

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Sorry for the radio silence in these parts! Fic has eaten my life a little bit, and I've just been writing writing writing, which has been really amazing. Unfortunately, it's all stuff that can't be posted for months and months, so I'm trying to stave off my need for instant gratification by reading and commenting on lots of other fic in an effort to live vicariously through people.

The Remix 2010 Archive went live this past Sunday, and there is some really great stuff up. I've only read in Star Trek so far, but wow. The remix of my story Downtime is here and it is so much fun- the original story is a little gen ficlet about an impromptu ping-pong tournament on the Enterprise, and my remixer expanded the fic and set it in the mirrorverse. Go check it out!

Other fics I love from Remix are The Loudest Noise (affannato, affetuoso, agitato) (phenomenally good Gaila and Uhura-centric Academy-era story with such creative worldbuilding; I'm seriously insanely jealous of Anon's brain and want to go to there immediately) and Pipe Dreams (the Marzipan in Your Pieplate Megamix) (go check out the original ficlet (Pipe Dreams) by Iambic first, then read the expansive remix. I can't say a whole lot without spoiling but it is just so good!)

Reveals are this Sunday, and I am so excited to see who wrote for me and squee at them, and then go squee at my remixee, because she really liked my story and I have so much I want to say to her about it, but I can't yet. I'm scared that if I comment anon I'll be found out somehow, so I just have to wait 'til Sunday. I was really worried about the story, but I'm now really happy with how it turned out barring a few small tweaks that I will make after the reveals happen.

I'm also writing a [ profile] trekreversebang pinch hit that is so not what I usually write but is turning out to be a lot of fun. That goes up June 16th, so not too much longer until that heady "I just posted a story" feeling. What can I say, I'm becoming addicted to feedback. Not-so-secret shame!


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