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* I started a stupid Tumblr. I'm if anyone is interested. I still basically hate it but I fear missing ST insanity in May so I am succumbing.

* Watching TV and movies with my husband has broken my suspension of disbelief. Case in point, I watched the first two episodes of Teen Wolf and I'm about to watch the third. I am incredibly bothered by the fact that they're playing lacrosse in the fall when I'm pretty sure high school lacrosse is always a spring sport. Why this should affect my enjoyment of an MTV show about teenage werewolves is a mystery to me. This is why I don't watch anything I actually care about with S because he is a ruiner.

* Re: Teen Wolf- it's growing on me. I enjoy the banter between Scott and Stiles and I'm curious about Derek and the "rules" of werewolfness in the TW universe. Not sure I'm interested in the fandom, but never say never, I guess. It's a good mix of cute, funny, and creepy so far.

* S is on a mini roadtrip with a friend of his so it's just the little and me today. I am way too excited about putting the kiddo to bed, watching a movie, drinking some wine, then maybe doing some writing. And making the best soup ever for dinner.
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This just makes me incredibly happy.

The "John Harrison standing behind a sliding-glass door with someone's shitty patio in the background" scene and the BAAAR! BAAAR! chorus in the background make me lose it.

You know that feeling when a story just writes itself? I haven't had that happen in forever, but in the past two days I've written ~3500 words that just came to me while, like, unloading the dishwasher. It's toothache-inducing fluff for ksvalentine but that's okay. Everyone needs a little shameless fluff in their life, am I right?

I stumbled on Aldora89's The Lotus Eaters and read it in less than a day. And I pretty much should just hang up my keyboard now, because this is the ur-K/S fic. God, I have so much ridic love for these characters. Still, after almost 4 years. I feel like I just woke up from suspended animation or something. I think I am seriously going to implode in the theater in May. I am easy to please and there is very little that could happen in that movie (other than Major Character Death, TM) that could make me unhappy.

I am going to be totally embarrassed by this post later but that's okay. Yay beer!
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I'm writing something for Porn Battle XIV (there are tons of fun prompts, fyi!) and I forgot how much of a pain in the ass it can be to write sex scenes. I feel like I need to draw diagrams to make sure body parts can actually do the things I'm making them do. Or that I haven't accidentally given someone three hands or something. This is why fade to black sex is good.
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...I knew signing up for that damn bingo card was a bad idea because now I have ideas for, like, 90% of the card. I like that this challenge encourages me to shamelessly give in to all the cheesy desires of my little heart. I mean, au: daemons. Spock is obviously Kirk's daemon in this scenario. And (going by His Dark Materials-style daemons) Kirk is obviously a kid so that Spock can change forms. Oh god, or maybe Bones makes a better daemon? Aaaand now I want to write a whole HDM AU, which would probably require rereading the books. But I actually *wrote a couple sentences of fic* the other day, which I haven't done since my ability to write creatively up and left me in, oh, fall of 2010.

In other news, I picked up The Bone Key and have been working my way through it after everyone goes to sleep (I have finally, finally succumbed to e-books, after much resistance. I blame the iPad Mini and its perfect, perfect size). It's awesome; it's a collection of short stories focused on one Kyle Murchison Booth, socially awkward archivist extraordinaire. Very Lovecraftian, only with more incubi. I finished it last night and promptly started (again finally) Game of Thrones. I'm only a couple chapters in but enjoying it so far.

And now I'm going to go write more daemon before someone wakes up from his nap.
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time travel au: historical forced to marry sex pollen kidfic
au: steampunk au: apocalypse mistletoe kiss au: daemons secret twin / doppelganger
food porn game night FREE

presumed dead au: other
rivals to lovers genderswap au: magic soul bonding / soulmates au: space
au: fantasy celebratory kiss telepathy / mindmeld day at the beach fuck or die

I am about to have NO TIME WHATSOEVER so I don't know what's going to happen with this, but 6 months to post one story I can probably work with.

bleep bloop

Jan. 5th, 2013 11:54 am
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...dusting off the old Dreamwidth account in preparation for Star Trek fun times. It seems the party is mostly over here now, so I am going to finally suck it up and get used to DW. Exciting!

I've seen a couple people lamenting various fuckery happening in other fandoms and worrying about that in whatever the resurgence of Trek fandom looks like, and yeah, I'm kind of dreading that too. But I also feel like most of the smart, sane people I remember from a couple years ago are here and are getting excited too, so I have high hopes.

I'll probably just be lurking around commenting here and there, but I did sign up for a [community profile] trope_bingo card, so there's that.

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I can't express enough love for rec lists. I bow down in supplication to compilers of massive rec lists- they're the absolute best, especially when you're new to a fandom or periodically duck in and out like I've been known to. Nothing is better than having an insatiable craving for fic and then, lo, finding a massive list of recs to cherry-pick from. It's like opening a brand new box of Godiva or something. Nom.

ANYWAY, this will probably be mostly for my own reference, but hopefully I can give back a little and help point some wayfaring stranger towards something really great.

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Testing 123!
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Title: Free, Freefalling (the Home is Wherever I'm With You Remix)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Chekov/Sulu
Notes: Written for Remix Redux 2010 and inspired by [ profile] emiime's story Freefall.
Summary: This is the last place Pavel wants to be.

This is the last place Pavel wants to be )
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Sorry for the radio silence in these parts! Fic has eaten my life a little bit, and I've just been writing writing writing, which has been really amazing. Unfortunately, it's all stuff that can't be posted for months and months, so I'm trying to stave off my need for instant gratification by reading and commenting on lots of other fic in an effort to live vicariously through people.

The Remix 2010 Archive went live this past Sunday, and there is some really great stuff up. I've only read in Star Trek so far, but wow. The remix of my story Downtime is here and it is so much fun- the original story is a little gen ficlet about an impromptu ping-pong tournament on the Enterprise, and my remixer expanded the fic and set it in the mirrorverse. Go check it out!

Other fics I love from Remix are The Loudest Noise (affannato, affetuoso, agitato) (phenomenally good Gaila and Uhura-centric Academy-era story with such creative worldbuilding; I'm seriously insanely jealous of Anon's brain and want to go to there immediately) and Pipe Dreams (the Marzipan in Your Pieplate Megamix) (go check out the original ficlet (Pipe Dreams) by Iambic first, then read the expansive remix. I can't say a whole lot without spoiling but it is just so good!)

Reveals are this Sunday, and I am so excited to see who wrote for me and squee at them, and then go squee at my remixee, because she really liked my story and I have so much I want to say to her about it, but I can't yet. I'm scared that if I comment anon I'll be found out somehow, so I just have to wait 'til Sunday. I was really worried about the story, but I'm now really happy with how it turned out barring a few small tweaks that I will make after the reveals happen.

I'm also writing a [ profile] trekreversebang pinch hit that is so not what I usually write but is turning out to be a lot of fun. That goes up June 16th, so not too much longer until that heady "I just posted a story" feeling. What can I say, I'm becoming addicted to feedback. Not-so-secret shame!
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Title: Only Satellites
Pairings/Characters: Nyota Uhura; mentions of Uhura/Spock, Uhura/Chapel & Uhura/Gaila
Rating: PG
Themes/Notes: for [ profile] lgbtfest, prompt #2879: Star Trek, reboot!Uhura/TOS!Uhura, There's only one person Uhura can share her secret with without risking her entire career.
Summary: I saw two shooting stars last night/I wished on them, but they were only satellites. - Billy Bragg, "A New England"
What would you ask yourself, if you could ask yourself anything? How much would the answer help?

Only Satellites )

Five Acts

Apr. 22nd, 2010 09:37 am
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Just saw this over at [ profile] janice_lester's journal and scrambled to post a list of my own!

Rules & My List )


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