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It's that time again! Yay! I am really excited that we matched on one of these fandoms and I can't wait to see what you write.

AO3: jouissant

Some general likes: any tense, any rating, any POV, banter, darkfic, bittersweet endings, messed up relationships and/or obsessive relationships, slice of life, canon divergence AUs, historical AUs, noir AUs, magical realism/magical elements, angst, humor, loyalty kink

DNWs: pregnancy, coffeeshop or high school AUs, fusions or crossovers with other fandoms unless specified

The Baker (2007) (Milo Shakespeare, Bjorn)

I saw this a few months back and I honestly haven't been so taken with anything in a long time. It's a such a weird and ridiculous little movie but there's so much to love about it and if you haven't seen it I highly recommend checking it out.

Featuring Damian Lewis as a reluctant assassin trying to quit the business by posing as a baker in a tiny Welsh town, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as his obsessed ex-something, gratuitous scenery porn and baking montages, mistaken identities, wacky neighbors, attempted murder, fencing, and a sweet, awkward love story. The US release is titled Assassin in Love if you need to hunt it down.

I would love to see some backstory for these two. Did they have a fling or a relationship? What started it and/or ended it? What was their working relationship like-- were they partners or was there always an element of rivalry/oneupmanship at play? WHAT HAPPENED IN AMSTERDAM?

Alternately, tell me about their relationship post-canon. Does Bjorn come into the bakery? How do Milo and Rhiannon interact with him? Can two ex-assassins who once tried to kill each other with fencing swords really be just friends?

Mr. Robot (Elliot Alderson, Edward Alderson|Mr. Robot, Darlene Alderson, Tyrell Wellick)

This show is the best show and has quickly become my obsession. There's so much going on and I love all of the characters so much, as well as the mood of the show in general. I would prefer not to receive an AU for this fandom with the exception of canon-divergence AUs. Other than that please feel free to go all out with darkfic, mindfuckery, incest, dub or noncon, character death/injury/vomiting and sweating/terrible things befalling woobie Elliot. I'm here for that. Or you know, plotty gen! I'm dividing the prompts...shippily, for lack of a better word, but honestly the way canon shows us these characters interacting is amazing and gen in the tone of canon would be more than welcome.

I'm also fine with any combination of the nominated characters appearing in the story, so please don't feel that you need to fit all 4 of them in.

Elliot/Mr. Robot

Honestly, the intersection and interplay of these two is catnip to me, so feel free to interpret that in any way that suits you. I love how we're gradually coming to see what Mr. Robot is for Elliot, and anything expanding on that would be amazing. How did the Mr. Robot persona come about, exactly? Did it have something to do with Elliot being locked in the server room? Tell me how Mr. Robot thinks, how he operates, how he's different from Elliot, what he does when Elliot's not there.

On the more prurient side of things, how precisely did Mr. Robot get Elliot through his withdrawal in the motel? We know he takes punches for Elliot and is present during the attempted gang rape in jail, but how else might he have gotten Elliot through it if it had actually gone down? Mr. Robot variously hurting and comforting Elliot (preferably via sex) is my jam.


The revelation in 2 x 11 that Tyrell wasn't dead and had been planning Stage 2 with Elliot all along made me ship it when I had been kind of meh before. On a general level, though, I can't get away from the thought that they've had all these interactions that Elliot doesn't remember but that are significant to Tyrell. What were those like? How did Tyrell and Mr. Robot interact during those planning stages? Did they have some sort of relationship that Elliot now has no memory of, or has Tyrell's obsession with Elliot always been entirely one-sided? If you feel like it, how would an Elliot/Tyrell/Mr. Robot threesome work?

I'm also really interested in Tyrell on his own- his backstory, his relationship with Joanna, his relationship with his father. He seems by turns extremely cold and calculating and also like...a wreck, for lack of a better word. What's that vacillation about? What brings it about, besides Elliot?

Darlene Alderson

I adore Darlene, and her developing storyline was my favorite part of season 2. I love how scrappy she is and her toughness and the way she keeps it together after 5/9 as everyone is panicking around her right up until she's in the interrogation room with Dom. I'd love something set during that time frame, maybe when they're headquartered in Susan Jacob's house and she's the fearless leader. I particularly love her friendship with Trenton, who's also nominated, so something involving the two of them would be awesome. Or, how does she feel about Cisco, really? Her moment by the pool with Susan had me screaming...something following on from that and her feelings about killing her would be really cool too.

I also really love what we've seen of her relationship with Elliot and I'd like to see it through her eyes- tell me more about their childhood from Darlene's POV- besides Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie, what else did they bond over? Was Darlene's story about being kidnapped true?

If you're really feeling the darkness/mindfuckery, allow me to submit the fact that Elliot kissing her when he couldn't remember who she was really did it for me, so make of that what you will.

Imperial Radch series--Ann Leckie (Awn Elming, Justice of Toren One Esk Nineteen|Breq)

My absolute favorite element of these books is the insight we get into the AI/ancillary experience, in particular through Breq-as-One Esk Nineteen. I love how much of that experience revolved around and was communicated through her relationship with Lieutenant Awn, and the mutual respect/loyalty/love they shared. I mean, that loyalty and Breq's desire to atone inspired her quest for the gun over decades and kept her going when she'd lost everything, especially her identity as Justice of Toren.

I'd love to see a fic exploring that relationship further, whether it's something set prior to the incident on Shis'urna, something during that time period, or Breq reflecting after the destruction of the ship. How does One Esk's intimate knowledge of Awn affect their relationship? How does it affect Awn's relationship with Skaaiat? Tell me about the progression of One Esk's loyalty up to the point of shooting Awn, tell me more about the technical or physiological aspects of how One Esk reads Awn, tell me a story about a relationship between the two of them, tell me more about ancillary sex, or about Awn as a hapless baby lieutenant and One Esk looking after her and having her back.

Life (TV) (Charlie Crews, Dani Reese)

This show. I love this show a whole lot and I wanted so many more seasons of these two. I love both Charlie and Dani, their various personal struggles and coping mechanisms, some more successful than others. I love the dark streak that's there in both of them: Dani's addiction, Charlie's past and his complicated relationship with violence. I think they both have something of a self-destructive impulse they're both fighting much of the time. And of course their odd couple/unlikely partners thing, Dani as the straight man/foil to Charlie's damaged weirdo and the moments when she's perfectly self-aware about that dynamic and plays with it.

I love casefic, but let's be real, if you ship it the best thing about partners in a police procedural is all the forced proximity and mortal peril. Stakeouts, shared motel rooms, being stuck out in the middle of nowhere for's all gold. Any trope that fits well here is fair game: Undercover as a couple! Undercover pretending to be enemies. Being forced to hurt your partner/forced to watch someone else hurt your partner. Hurt/comfort. Patching each other up physically or emotionally etc. etc. Shootouts. Charlie beating the shit out of a suspect Pelican Bay-style. Charlie rambling philosophically at said suspect.

If you don't ship it romantically, that's totally cool, and I think any of these scenarios with a platonic spin would make me just as happy. I love this show best when these two are bouncing off each other, so any way you accomplish that is awesome.

If you, like me, are a fan of ridiculous Life/Standoff crossover shipping shenanigans and want to team Charlie and Matt up, you have my blessing. Any of the police procedural partner tropes I talked about above would definitely apply there too.


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