May. 31st, 2016

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Yay, I am super excited about this exchange. I had a lot of fun last year and am looking forward to seeing what you write! I'm requesting fanfic for all fandoms.

AO3: jouissant

I am really easy to please and love stories of all kinds, so I'm going to be most into the story you're excited about and want to write. So if you want to ignore this letter and write that story, by all means. I'm down with any rating, and if you want to write porn, anything goes except scat. I am really not great at prompts so I'm just going to ramble a bit below.

General likes, not at all exhaustive: banter, humor, creepy stuff/horror, bittersweetness, darker themes, angst (resolved or not), obsessive and/or codependent relationships, magical realism/magical elements, period details, slice of life, AUs (especially canon divergence AUs/historical AUs)

DNWs: kidfic, mpreg, coffeeshop/high school/totally mundane AUs, crossovers with other fandoms

Band of Brothers

Eugene Roe/Dick Winters

This is the secret pairing of my heart. I love Winters/Nixon to death, but Winters/Roe just makes a ton of sense to me. I love how quiet and still they both are; they both strike me as the sort of people who contain multitudes, and reveal them to very few. They're both absolutely essential to Easy in different ways, and in that I think they're both under a particular sort of pressure. I love Gene's characterization (esp. in Bastogne) as someone who literally runs himself ragged for the sake of the men, and I like the idea of Dick having a tendency towards that himself but maybe a shade more experience/self-awareness and thus the ability to help Gene cope, by gentle force if necessary. And the opposite too, actually; Dick's face kills me during the "you oughta know"/ ambulance scene when Moose Heyliger gets shot; he's out of his element and you can see how pissed he is at himself for fucking up, and I'd love to see the aftermath of that between them. They're definitely a pairing made for hurt/comfort and/or quiet moments fit in around the action, and I can see them falling into something together that way.

The Raven Cycle

Richard Gansey III/Ronan Lynch

I'm really interested in the relationship between Ronan and Gansey and how it sort of supplanted Ronan's familial relationships after his father died. I love their obsessiveness about each other and Gansey's impulse towards stewardship of Ronan. And I mean, TRK in general did nothing to dissuade me from shipping Ronan/Gansey- like Ch. 3's opening, for example, wherein Ronan "left Gansey still sleeping"--what even are the sleeping arrangements at Monmouth, anyway? Gansey attempting ridiculous fireside chats/come to Jesus talks with Ronan he only half listens to, that end in affectionate frustration for both parties and probably also Chainsaw. Ronan's reaction to Gansey's death was the moment that really sent me over the edge in the last book, so something dealing with that would be great as well.

OR, I'd love to see something set post-canon, too- I am fine with Blue/Gansey and Adam/Ronan and however you might want to include or not include those relationships. I really like the idea of Ronan/Gansey being its own thing that stands a bit apart.

Declan Lynch/Ronan Lynch

Good old-fashioned so wrong it's right incest with much angsting and secrecy is always welcome, especially something set pre-canon, before things go to hell at the Barns, or during early canon, where Ronan is living at Monmouth and ostensibly hating everything Declan stands for.

I love how much insight we ended up getting into Declan sort of running the show from afar, taking over the mantle from Niall. An AU where they went into business together would be amazing, with Declan the brains and Ronan the dreamer...maybe they avenge Niall's death and then storm the world of magical artifacts as a terrible twosome, having epic fights and hatesex along the way.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Llewyn Davis/Mike Timlin

I wanted to know so much more about their relationship, both as friends and/or lovers and as a performing duo. Were they happy together? What were things like back then, when they'd put their record out and were (I imagine) on the cusp of potential success? What brought it all crashing down? What was the relationship like between Llewyn, Mike, Jim and Jean? I loved Jean and Llewyn's conversation in the park; her "I miss Mike" just hinted at so much, at a past and a relationship between the four of them that Mike's death ruined, and I would love a story that teased that past out a little.

Stand Still Stay Silent

Reynir Arnason/Lalli Hotakainen

Reynir and Lalli, my favorite mages and POTENTIAL ERSTWHILE (BOY)FRIENDS, y/y?? These two are too much, between Reynir's determination to help and desire to learn and Lalli's desire to be left to his own devices as much as humanly possible. I'd love something where they're forced to work together- maybe Onni convinces Lalli to take Reynir under his wing in the dream world, maybe they need to combine forces to take on a troll or a ghost, maybe the unthinkable happens and they're all alone at the end of the world. Or just a slice of life story, some small moment of cooperation in the cat van or squabbling over floor/bedspace when Lalli's in marathon nap mode. Just the two of them coming to trust and rely on each other somehow, whether as friends or more.

I love the darkness and creepiness/horror elements of canon, so please feel free to play that up as much as you like.


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