Oct. 17th, 2015

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Hello! I am really excited that we matched on one of these fandoms, and I'm beyond excited to see what you come up with. First off, know that I am really, really easy to please and will be thrilled to read your fic. Have fun with it. I'm going to throw out a bunch of tropes and some prompt ideas, and if one of them draws you in, great. If not, also great!

AO3: jouissant

General stuff

Some random likes: banter, pining, creepy stuff/horror, bittersweetness, IN SPAAAAACE, darker themes, angst (resolved or not), obsessive, unhealthy, and/or codependent relationships, gallows humor, strong friendships, found families, canon-divergent AUs, magical realism, friends-to-lovers, bedsharing, hurt/comfort, awkward first times

Dislikes: curtainfic, 100% pure fluff. I'm also not totally averse to a/b/o or mpreg but would prefer not to receive it for these fandoms in this exchange.

Yuleporn: I would be very happy to receive porny fic for Yuletide, if you're into that! Some stuff I like besides good old hot vanilla sex: frottage, desperation, sex pollen/fuck or die, dubcon, watersports, size kink, BDSM, power play, blood/painplay, breathplay, drunk sex. I would totally be into porn for any of my fandoms.


The Raven Cycle

Ronan Lynch, Richard Gansey III

I definitely ship Ronan/Gansey, but I would be up for anything involving these two and their relationship, romantic/sexual or not.

Some thoughts: I love their codependence and the way Gansey looks out for Ronan to what can't possibly be a healthy degree. I'd love to see a fic where that catches up with him--where is Gansey's breaking point when it comes to Ronan? What if Ronan tried to push him there?

Some other thoughts:
D/s overtones (what if they just stumbled into this without really knowing it was a thing, or if it started platonically and then they realized they were into it in a sexual way?)

How did Ronan react when Gansey and Adam became friends? I feel that their little trio is very much a work in progress, with Gansey (and Blue, increasingly) as the glue. How does that play out?

I also really enjoy the potential creep factor of both Ronan's dreaming and Gansey's Glendower obsession, so either of those taken to extremes or just explored further would be great. Feel free to go wild with canon magic. Or with Gansey's future death (just fuck me up).

I'm really chill with shipping in this fandom and love all the characters so honestly feel free to mix in whoever, esp if you prefer a gen take on things.

It Follows (2014)

Jay Height

This movie floored me. I LOVED it, from the allegorical creepiness of the curse to the exhausting inevitability of Jay's flight from it to the atmospheric, ambiguous setting to the scrappiness of Jay's friends coming together to try and solve the mystery. I'd love anything playing up the vibe of the movie.

What happens to Jay after the events of the film? Was that blurry figure in the background just some random pedestrian, or...? Does she develop some sort of elaborate plan to stay one step ahead of the curse? Does it make it back to her someday? I'm requesting Jay, but I'd also be up for fic exploring someone else affected by the curse.

Also, I'm kind of into Jay's relationship with Paul--what is the backstory there? How does she feel about finally giving in to afflicting him with the curse, and how does it affect their relationship going forward?

Canon-typical violence or character death is absolutely fine for this fandom.

Band of Brothers

Dick Winters, Lewis Nixon

My heart! I ship these two like crazy (obligatory disclaimer that I'm referring to the characters in the miniseries, not The Actual Dudes) but I would also be down for anything about the two of them as best friends either during the war or immediately afterwards.

Winters in particular just kills me--I love his (what seems like) effortless ability to hew on the side of what's right. He's so steely, but he's also kind of snarky and doesn't suffer fools (deciding to choose the court-martial in ep. 1; his occasional lowkey shit-talking) and while he's sort of an ascetic he doesn't begrudge others their indulgences (and he enables Nix's drinking outright...why? To see him happy, albeit in a fucked up kind of way? I love the idea of that being his one vice, or a stand-in for the ways he really wants to make him happy, omg I'm upsetting myself T__T).

I love the canon setting, but I'd be open to canon divergence AUs or some other war, past or future, real or fictional. I'd prefer not to get a total AU (coffeeshop AU etc) for this fandom, but omg a noir AU or some other period-appropriate AU would be kind of amazing.

But there can never be enough canon setting fic, like good old hurt/comfort or huddling for warmth in foxholes in Bastogne or furtive, quick and dirty "thank god we're both still alive" fucking in, like, abandoned houses, or throwing cold piss in people's faces to wake them up, wtf Winters, what even was that? It's such a strange moment. Watersports. Wait what?

Or celebrating in Austria. Or Nix angsting over Dick putting in for a transfer to the Pacific and deciding to go along--what was that conversation like?

Presumed dead is one of my favorite tropes, so something playing with that would be great. Pining, "we really shouldn't" vibes where they both dance around the inevitable, missionfic...I'd love any of those. Period-specific attitudes to homosexuality are totally fine if you choose to deal with the characters' identities in that respect, which you might not. I'd actually prefer that to "everyone magically has 2015-level enlightened attitudes" because that tends to break my suspension of disbelief a bit, but like I said you don't actually need to address it head on.


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