Feb. 9th, 2013

jouissant: (yay!)
* I started a stupid Tumblr. I'm bearhorns.tumblr.com if anyone is interested. I still basically hate it but I fear missing ST insanity in May so I am succumbing.

* Watching TV and movies with my husband has broken my suspension of disbelief. Case in point, I watched the first two episodes of Teen Wolf and I'm about to watch the third. I am incredibly bothered by the fact that they're playing lacrosse in the fall when I'm pretty sure high school lacrosse is always a spring sport. Why this should affect my enjoyment of an MTV show about teenage werewolves is a mystery to me. This is why I don't watch anything I actually care about with S because he is a ruiner.

* Re: Teen Wolf- it's growing on me. I enjoy the banter between Scott and Stiles and I'm curious about Derek and the "rules" of werewolfness in the TW universe. Not sure I'm interested in the fandom, but never say never, I guess. It's a good mix of cute, funny, and creepy so far.

* S is on a mini roadtrip with a friend of his so it's just the little and me today. I am way too excited about putting the kiddo to bed, watching a movie, drinking some wine, then maybe doing some writing. And making the best soup ever for dinner.


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