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I can't express enough love for rec lists. I bow down in supplication to compilers of massive rec lists- they're the absolute best, especially when you're new to a fandom or periodically duck in and out like I've been known to. Nothing is better than having an insatiable craving for fic and then, lo, finding a massive list of recs to cherry-pick from. It's like opening a brand new box of Godiva or something. Nom.

ANYWAY, this will probably be mostly for my own reference, but hopefully I can give back a little and help point some wayfaring stranger towards something really great.

STAR TREK All are Reboot unless otherwise specified.

24 x 22 cm by Leupagus and Rageprufrock, Gen (kind of?) R, WIP***
Oh my god, stop what you are doing right now and go read this story! If you are having a bad day, go read this story. If you want to risk implosion via mirthgasm, go read this story. Just, maybe not at work, or as a commenter put it, anywhere you might be uncomfortable discussing Vulcan semen. Academy fic, set after the events of the movie but prior to the start of the 5-year mission. Kirk and Gaila start a sexwiki. It's all in the name of science and furthering xenocultural relations, of course.

Only Good For Legends by Leupagus, AU, Kirk/Spock, eventual R
In which Jim never joined Starfleet, but stayed in Iowa committing petty crimes and general shenanigans/wacky capers, and in which Spock is a detective who definitely wears a fedora. Features a side of Amanda Grayson and McCoy both being awesome. A hypnotic story with a series of very engrossing subplots. There's a beautiful, hot outtake called Hammock is a Funny Word If You Think About It, which has kind-of spoilers for the eventual end of the series. ETA: this is now finished!

the cleverness of me by [ profile] screamlet, Kirk/Spock, NC-17***
Spock wants Kirk, and everyone knows it. Except Kirk. Very well-written and funny. I love Screamlet's Jim voice.

Recovery by [ profile] the_dala, Kirk/Spock preslash, PG
Sad, sweet story with a beautiful Spock POV. Spock watches Jim in sickbay after a mission goes awry.

So Wise We Grow by [ profile] captanddeastar, Kirk/Spock, R***
Following the destruction of Vulcan, Spock discovers he has a son whose mother didn't make it off the planet. The child comes to live on the Enterprise and Jim agrees to co-parent. I love this story so much- it's beautifully written, long and satisfying, and the relationship has a realistically slow build. Give this one a shot even if you usually dislike kid!fic; every other comment (mine included) is "I don't read kid!fic, BUT..." The author creates a completely charming original character in Spock's son Storek.

Evolution by Rhaegal, Kirk/Spock, eventual NC-17, WIP
Kirk's first year as captain of the Enterprise. Long, satisfying, and well-written. Has a very episodic feel.

How to Write Letters Home to Your Sisters (Notes) by [ profile] danahid, Gen, PG-13.***
Heartbreakingly beautiful Uhura gen.

faith that the dark past has taught us by [ profile] snowyofthenight, Gen, PG-13.
A look at the development of the Kobayashi Maru test. Beautiful character development that really fleshes out a minor character from the 2009 film and gives her a vivid story. Compelling.

Wilderness Were Paradise Enow by [ profile] belmanoir, TOS, Kirk/Spock, NC-17***
Extremely hot story set after the TOS episode "This Side of Paradise", with a masterful Spock voice and a very in-character sex scene. Love this!

Reverse the Polarities by [ profile] the_deep_magic, Kirk/girl!Spock, NC-17***
A not-so-unfortunate transporter accident, and its aftermath. Its blistering hot aftermath. I'LL BE IN MY BUNK.

Immutable Things by [ profile] garryowen, Kirk/Spock, NC-17***
Spock once told you that the universe is made up of parallel worlds, that every choice you make creates two branches on the crooked line of your life. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, you can’t remember who you are, where you are. In dreams, you are other James T. Kirks who make different choices, and have different lives.
A stunning example of how well second-person POV can work when deftly-handled. Absolutely beautiful.

Love Is Strange by [ profile] garryowen (link goes to DW), Kirk/Spock, NC-17***
A "they met before Starfleet" AU based on the plot of the movie Dirty Dancing. I was actually really reluctant to read this, but after reading other work by [ profile] garryowen I relented and I'm so glad I did. This might be my favorite fic in any fandom, ever. It's long and prefectly characterized, with lots of little details. The K/S relationship is a deliciously slow build with a super hot payoff, and it's all so sweet and gorgeous and GAH! Just go read it.

Love Story by [ profile] waldorph (link goes to AO3), Kirk/Spock, NC-17
Who knew a fic based on a Taylor Swift song could be so great? Funny, well-written, sweet, and hot. I don't know why I'm such a sucker for "K/S meet as teenagers" AUs, but I am, and this is a fantastic example. It's got smart!misunderstood!Jim, a supa-smooth Spock, forbidden love, trysts in cornfields...basically this fic has it all, haha.

Letters From Dead Men by [ profile] kradie, Kirk/Spock, McCoy, TOS, PG (discussion of major character death)***
After Kirk's death, McCoy visits Spock. What he finds is a man who's been completely broken and put back together again. Absolutely heartbreaking, and one of the best character studies of Spock I've ever read.

A Formal Dance in the Bowling Alley by [ profile] loneraven, Gen, PG
Things Jim doesn't understand about the Enterprise and her crew. A wonderful series of portraits of the crew that perfectly captures Jim at the beginning of his captaincy when he really doesn't know WTF he's doing.

Unironically by [ profile] teethe, Chekov/Sulu, PG
Based on a prompt on the kink meme originating from this picture. Set phasers to...ah, it's a really obscure setting. You've probably never heard of it. Hipster Trek.

A Vulcan on the Street (But a Freak in the Sheets) by [ profile] kyliselle, Kirk/Spock, NC-17***
Spock's secret fantasy is bottoming for the toppiest top who ever did top. Kirk is happy to oblige. Super, super hot.

A Piece of the Game by [ profile] deepsix Kirk/Spock, NC-17, Breathplay/dubcon
Kirk has a breathplay kink. Spock is concerned, so naturally he takes it upon himself to teach Kirk the potential error of his ways.

All Our Yesterdays (The All or Nothing Remix) by [ profile] dreamlittleyo, Kirk/Spock, NC-17
Rebooted version of the TOS episode All Our Yesterdays.

Both of You by [ profile] tlakht, Kirk/Spock/Spock Prime, NC-17***
Fandom needs moar Spock Prime, and this PWP delivers. Jim is drugged with an alien aphrodisiac. Double penetration + double mind meld= jouissant has a new kink. So incredibly hot, but also fluffy and sweet and loving.

Becoming Human by [ profile] beedlebarg, Kirk/Spock, eventual R, WIP***
An Unfortunate Accident (tm) with an alien artifact renders Spock completely human. This is a WIP but the first part is an absolute delight, so go check it out! After the accident, Jim helps Spock cope. This involves booze. Two words: drunk Spock. This story hits my hurt!Spock h/c kink in a major way- Spock has a hell of a time dealing with his human body, and I feel like that's captured very realistically here.

Pipe Dreams (and other things you'd rather forget about in the morning) by Iambic, gen, PG-13

Pipe Dreams (the Marzipan in Your Pie Plate Megamix) by Anonymous, gen, R
Read Iambic's compelling, unsettling story first, then go read the fantastic remix by Anonymous. I can't say much without spoiling, so I won't, but suffice it to say that this is Jim as you've never seen him before. Isn't it?

You Are Warm In My Hand by [ profile] snowlight, Mirror!Kirk/Spock, Mirror!Kirk/Mirror!Spock, Kirk/Spock, R, dubious consent
A creepy take on the implications of the mirrorverse. Mirror!Jim is looking for his Spock. The Spock he finds will do for now.


The Fourth Deathly Hallow by Gingertart, Snape/Harry, HP/Sherlock Holmes crossover, PG-13
This story made me all kinds of happy. Long and plotty, with great characterization. Watson POV. And there's Holmes/Watson preslash if you've got your goggles on.

Rapture by Mia Ugly, Snape/Harry, NC-17
This is the first piece of fanfiction that made me sob. OK, maybe because certain plot elements hit close to home, but it's beautiful and heartrending and I love it so very much! Also, bonus, I discovered Frank O'Hara's poetry via this story.

Threads Unravel by Norisis, Gen, PG-13
Marauders-era gen, focusing on the last days of the first war, before the shit hits the fan and the Potters are killed. Very moving, with seamless integration of canon.
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