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Hello! I really enjoy this exchange and am excited to participate again. I'm pretty easy to please and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I'm requesting fic for all fandoms.

Some hard DNWs for this exchange are: curtainfic, kidfic, crossovers or fusions unless specified, high school or coffee shop AUs unless specified, noncon, major character death.

I'm fine with fic of any tense, any POV, and any rating. I don't have any real squicks as far as porn goes; if you sell me on it, I'll be down to come along for the ride. In terms of general likes, not all of them will apply to all these fandoms but: banter, darkfic, dubcon, bittersweet endings, messed up relationships and/or obsessive relationships, slice of life, canon divergence AUs, historical AUs, noir AUs, magical realism/magical elements, angst, humor, loyalty kink


1) Band of Brothers: Lewis Nixon/Richard Winters

I can't get enough of these two and literally anything will make me claw my face with delight. If you feel inclined toward canon era, I'd love to see some quiet R&R moments during the war, or something dealing with Dick's arc as he moves up the chain of command and his increasing dissatisfaction with the Army ca. "The Last Patrol." And I know I just nixed curtainfic above, but I am honestly a huge sucker for the two of them at home together after the war, and I would actually love a fic about them bantering over home furnishings or dinner or whatever. I also really love AUs where they meet or work together in some capacity besides the Army- could be canon-era or a modern AU, so if you have an idea, please run with it.

BUT I'm also really interested in the darker side of their relationship: potential infidelity, Lew's drinking and Dick's enabling of it, pining throughout the years, missed opportunities...I would like some glimmers of hope but basically I'm always down for a darker take on the two of them.

2) Peaky Blinders:

Tommy Shelby/Freddie Thorne

Okay, so war buddies, obviously a weakness of mine. Damaged war buddies who are former childhood friends, made enemies by both circumstance and their own blinding stubbornness? Both of whom are traumatized and tied to causes bigger than themselves? Actual catnip to me. I would love to see anything exploring their relationship, from pre-war adolescent/young adult fumbling to their war experience to early S1 era to the gap btw the end of S1 and Freddie's funeral in S2. I love Ada and Ada/Freddie, so please feel free to include her and/or Tommy/Freddie's reaction to Freddie and Ada's relationship and/or Ada's pregnancy. If you wanted to own my heart forever, you could write me fic where they react to Ada's pregnancy while hooking up.

Polly Gray/Tommy Shelby

I think the moment that pushed me into "yeah, no, I ship it" territory was Tommy resting his head on the bar in S1 and Polly putting her hand on it, comforting him over Grace. There was just like...this parental vibe there mixed with a frisson of something else, and it made me sit up and go O__O. I love their roles as the effective heads of the Blinders, and that often, especially early on, Polly is the only person not cowed by Tommy and the only person he'll be straight with, sometimes by force on Polly's part. You could write me anything from UST to any flavor of porn and I'd be down for it. Maybe a moment after a Shelby victory, when everyone's drunk and uninhibited? Or Polly attempting to deal with Tommy postwar, to work out how he's changed and how she can fix it (which she can't, lbr). Or post-Derby Day, after Polly kills Campbell and Tommy escapes his seeming certain death. I'm here for mixed motives, both of them trying to control one another but also having feelings, sometimes hating one another but always tied together by blood and business.

Star Trek TOS:

Such a comfort fandom for me, and Kirk/Spock & the triumvirate's relationship is at the heart of it. I'd really love something set during the Five Year Mission(s).


Give me your tropiest Star Trek tropes: missionfic, sex pollen (again), aliens made them do it, fake marriage for diplomacy reasons, weird alien customs, Vulcan social mores, pon farr, etc. Mutual pining is always a favorite for these two, as is presumed dead, and any time Spock has A Feeling and can't deal with it is my favorite thing ever. Again, anything from UST to getting together to established relationship would be amazing. And if you want to write porn and get weird with Vulcan genitalia in that grand tradition, please feel free.

Kirk & Spock & Bones

Spock and Bones teaming up to save Kirk (or teaming up to show Kirk the error of his ways somehow), Romulans and Klingons, bridge banter, drinking in sickbay, Spock having to shepherd these two on shore leave, more missionfic, Bones curing a rainy day...I love it all and will love anything you come up with.
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