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Thanks for writing for me! I'm super excited that we matched on one of these fandoms.

Some general likes, in no order: bittersweet or ambiguous endings, historical AUs, codependent or obsessive relationships, banter, friends-to-lovers, UST, pining, canon divergence AUs, angst

I like porn! I like almost any kind of porn (really my only absolute DNW is scat) and would be psyched to get a porny gift. Unless we match on Adventure Time. Pls no Bubbline porn. Thank you.

DNWs: pregnancy or kidfic, a/b/o

AO3: jouissant


Life- Charlie Crews/Dani Reese

This show. I love this show a whole lot and I wanted so many more seasons of these two. I love both Charlie and Dani, their various personal struggles and coping mechanisms, some more successful than others. I love the dark streak that's there in both of them: Dani's addiction, Charlie's past and his complicated relationship with violence. I think they both have something of a self-destructive impulse they're both fighting much of the time. And of course their odd couple/unlikely partners thing, Dani as the straight man/foil to Charlie's damaged weirdo and the moments when she's perfectly self-aware about that dynamic and plays with it.

I love casefic, but let's be real, the best thing about shipping partners in a police procedural is all the forced proximity and mortal peril. Stakeouts, shared motel rooms, being stuck out in the middle of nowhere for's all gold. Any trope that fits well here is fair game: Undercover as a couple! Undercover pretending to be enemies. Being forced to hurt your partner/forced to watch someone else hurt your partner. Hurt/comfort. Patching each other up physically or emotionally etc. etc. Shootouts. Charlie beating the shit out of a suspect Pelican Bay-style. Charlie rambling philosophically at said suspect.

I'd also love anything dealing with the aftermath of the finale. Or just porn and/or copious fruit eating.

The Raven Cycle- Ronan/Gansey, Ronan/Declan, Declan/Gansey

I should put it out there that I'd be down for Declan/Ronan/Gansey too.

These three are just really fascinating to me and I can't get enough of any combination of them.


I'm really interested in the relationship between Ronan and Gansey and how it sort of supplanted Ronan's familial relationships. Something exploring that would be amazing, from any one of the three characters' perspectives. I love their obsessiveness about each other and Gansey's impulse towards stewardship of Ronan, how Declan kind of gave him that responsibility.


Good old-fashioned so wrong it's right incest with much angsting and secrecy is always welcome, especially something set during canon, where Ronan is living at Monmouth and ostensibly hating everything Declan stands for.

Something maximizing the creepier elements of canon/Ronan's dreaming/Gansey's potential death would be very welcome. I'd love to see Ronan dealing with that, especially Ronan dealing with that with Declan.


I started shipping this because of Yuletide and now I want more. What I find really interesting about them is how similar they are, yet how solidly they fall on opposite sides of some imaginary Ronan-flavored line. I'd love to see Declan's perspective on Gansey and his quest at any point in the books, some of the secrets he's hiding, how he might theoretically get dragged into Cabeswater.

Stand Still Stay Silent- Lalli Hotakainen/Emil Västerström

I started shipping these two the second they made ~prolonged eye contact on the train, and I've been loving the comic's little hints at the friendship they've carved out despite their language barrier and Lalli's relative introversion.

I'd love anything with these two: slice of life fic (I'm always fascinated by how day-to-day life works in the postapocalypse), missionfic (what if the two of them had to scout something together? The put-upon night scout having to drag his sort-of friend along). Emil reacting to Lalli's magic, or hurt/comfort with Lalli being totally drained and nosebleedy after a major magical effort, or something set in Lalli's dream world (maybe Emil gets pulled in somehow)?

Adventure Time- Bubblegum/Marceline

I'm crazy for these two, and Stakes made my year. <3 All I really want is Marcy/PBubs hangouts, past present or future. Angst or fluff, backstory from any point in their relationship, fallout from Stakes or Stakeout, PB's perspective on Marceline's immortality and her decision to de-vampirize, even if it didn't work? I feel like there must have been some conflict there--her desire to give Marceline what she wants (and also to experiment, lbr) vs. the potential eventual loss of this person who's been a constant for millennia.

I also love the hints we get of this ominous, mercenary side to Bubblegum--Marceline's perspective on that or a darker toned fic or just...the two of them in the Nightosphere, idk would be interesting.


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