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Hello! I really enjoy this exchange and am excited to participate again. I'm pretty easy to please and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I'm requesting fic for all fandoms.

Some hard DNWs for this exchange are: curtainfic, kidfic, crossovers or fusions unless specified, high school or coffee shop AUs unless specified, noncon, major character death.

I'm fine with fic of any tense, any POV, and any rating. I don't have any real squicks as far as porn goes; if you sell me on it, I'll be down to come along for the ride. In terms of general likes, not all of them will apply to all these fandoms but: banter, darkfic, dubcon, bittersweet endings, messed up relationships and/or obsessive relationships, slice of life, canon divergence AUs, historical AUs, noir AUs, magical realism/magical elements, angst, humor, loyalty kink


1) Band of Brothers: Lewis Nixon/Richard Winters

I can't get enough of these two and literally anything will make me claw my face with delight. If you feel inclined toward canon era, I'd love to see some quiet R&R moments during the war, or something dealing with Dick's arc as he moves up the chain of command and his increasing dissatisfaction with the Army ca. "The Last Patrol." And I know I just nixed curtainfic above, but I am honestly a huge sucker for the two of them at home together after the war, and I would actually love a fic about them bantering over home furnishings or dinner or whatever. I also really love AUs where they meet or work together in some capacity besides the Army- could be canon-era or a modern AU, so if you have an idea, please run with it.

BUT I'm also really interested in the darker side of their relationship: potential infidelity, Lew's drinking and Dick's enabling of it, pining throughout the years, missed opportunities...I would like some glimmers of hope but basically I'm always down for a darker take on the two of them.

2) Peaky Blinders:

Tommy Shelby/Freddie Thorne

Okay, so war buddies, obviously a weakness of mine. Damaged war buddies who are former childhood friends, made enemies by both circumstance and their own blinding stubbornness? Both of whom are traumatized and tied to causes bigger than themselves? Actual catnip to me. I would love to see anything exploring their relationship, from pre-war adolescent/young adult fumbling to their war experience to early S1 era to the gap btw the end of S1 and Freddie's funeral in S2. I love Ada and Ada/Freddie, so please feel free to include her and/or Tommy/Freddie's reaction to Freddie and Ada's relationship and/or Ada's pregnancy. If you wanted to own my heart forever, you could write me fic where they react to Ada's pregnancy while hooking up.

Polly Gray/Tommy Shelby

I think the moment that pushed me into "yeah, no, I ship it" territory was Tommy resting his head on the bar in S1 and Polly putting her hand on it, comforting him over Grace. There was just like...this parental vibe there mixed with a frisson of something else, and it made me sit up and go O__O. I love their roles as the effective heads of the Blinders, and that often, especially early on, Polly is the only person not cowed by Tommy and the only person he'll be straight with, sometimes by force on Polly's part. You could write me anything from UST to any flavor of porn and I'd be down for it. Maybe a moment after a Shelby victory, when everyone's drunk and uninhibited? Or Polly attempting to deal with Tommy postwar, to work out how he's changed and how she can fix it (which she can't, lbr). Or post-Derby Day, after Polly kills Campbell and Tommy escapes his seeming certain death. I'm here for mixed motives, both of them trying to control one another but also having feelings, sometimes hating one another but always tied together by blood and business.

Star Trek TOS:

Such a comfort fandom for me, and Kirk/Spock & the triumvirate's relationship is at the heart of it. I'd really love something set during the Five Year Mission(s).


Give me your tropiest Star Trek tropes: missionfic, sex pollen (again), aliens made them do it, fake marriage for diplomacy reasons, weird alien customs, Vulcan social mores, pon farr, etc. Mutual pining is always a favorite for these two, as is presumed dead, and any time Spock has A Feeling and can't deal with it is my favorite thing ever. Again, anything from UST to getting together to established relationship would be amazing. And if you want to write porn and get weird with Vulcan genitalia in that grand tradition, please feel free.

Kirk & Spock & Bones

Spock and Bones teaming up to save Kirk (or teaming up to show Kirk the error of his ways somehow), Romulans and Klingons, bridge banter, drinking in sickbay, Spock having to shepherd these two on shore leave, more missionfic, Bones curing a rainy day...I love it all and will love anything you come up with.
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It's that time again! Yay! I am really excited that we matched on one of these fandoms and I can't wait to see what you write.

AO3: jouissant

Some general likes: any tense, any rating, any POV, banter, darkfic, bittersweet endings, messed up relationships and/or obsessive relationships, slice of life, canon divergence AUs, historical AUs, noir AUs, magical realism/magical elements, angst, humor, loyalty kink

DNWs: pregnancy, coffeeshop or high school AUs, fusions or crossovers with other fandoms unless specified

The Baker (2007) (Milo Shakespeare, Bjorn)

I saw this a few months back and I honestly haven't been so taken with anything in a long time. It's a such a weird and ridiculous little movie but there's so much to love about it and if you haven't seen it I highly recommend checking it out.

Featuring Damian Lewis as a reluctant assassin trying to quit the business by posing as a baker in a tiny Welsh town, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as his obsessed ex-something, gratuitous scenery porn and baking montages, mistaken identities, wacky neighbors, attempted murder, fencing, and a sweet, awkward love story. The US release is titled Assassin in Love if you need to hunt it down.

I would love to see some backstory for these two. Did they have a fling or a relationship? What started it and/or ended it? What was their working relationship like-- were they partners or was there always an element of rivalry/oneupmanship at play? WHAT HAPPENED IN AMSTERDAM?

Alternately, tell me about their relationship post-canon. Does Bjorn come into the bakery? How do Milo and Rhiannon interact with him? Can two ex-assassins who once tried to kill each other with fencing swords really be just friends?

Mr. Robot (Elliot Alderson, Edward Alderson|Mr. Robot, Darlene Alderson, Tyrell Wellick)

This show is the best show and has quickly become my obsession. There's so much going on and I love all of the characters so much, as well as the mood of the show in general. I would prefer not to receive an AU for this fandom with the exception of canon-divergence AUs. Other than that please feel free to go all out with darkfic, mindfuckery, incest, dub or noncon, character death/injury/vomiting and sweating/terrible things befalling woobie Elliot. I'm here for that. Or you know, plotty gen! I'm dividing the prompts...shippily, for lack of a better word, but honestly the way canon shows us these characters interacting is amazing and gen in the tone of canon would be more than welcome.

I'm also fine with any combination of the nominated characters appearing in the story, so please don't feel that you need to fit all 4 of them in.

Elliot/Mr. Robot

Honestly, the intersection and interplay of these two is catnip to me, so feel free to interpret that in any way that suits you. I love how we're gradually coming to see what Mr. Robot is for Elliot, and anything expanding on that would be amazing. How did the Mr. Robot persona come about, exactly? Did it have something to do with Elliot being locked in the server room? Tell me how Mr. Robot thinks, how he operates, how he's different from Elliot, what he does when Elliot's not there.

On the more prurient side of things, how precisely did Mr. Robot get Elliot through his withdrawal in the motel? We know he takes punches for Elliot and is present during the attempted gang rape in jail, but how else might he have gotten Elliot through it if it had actually gone down? Mr. Robot variously hurting and comforting Elliot (preferably via sex) is my jam.


The revelation in 2 x 11 that Tyrell wasn't dead and had been planning Stage 2 with Elliot all along made me ship it when I had been kind of meh before. On a general level, though, I can't get away from the thought that they've had all these interactions that Elliot doesn't remember but that are significant to Tyrell. What were those like? How did Tyrell and Mr. Robot interact during those planning stages? Did they have some sort of relationship that Elliot now has no memory of, or has Tyrell's obsession with Elliot always been entirely one-sided? If you feel like it, how would an Elliot/Tyrell/Mr. Robot threesome work?

I'm also really interested in Tyrell on his own- his backstory, his relationship with Joanna, his relationship with his father. He seems by turns extremely cold and calculating and also like...a wreck, for lack of a better word. What's that vacillation about? What brings it about, besides Elliot?

Darlene Alderson

I adore Darlene, and her developing storyline was my favorite part of season 2. I love how scrappy she is and her toughness and the way she keeps it together after 5/9 as everyone is panicking around her right up until she's in the interrogation room with Dom. I'd love something set during that time frame, maybe when they're headquartered in Susan Jacob's house and she's the fearless leader. I particularly love her friendship with Trenton, who's also nominated, so something involving the two of them would be awesome. Or, how does she feel about Cisco, really? Her moment by the pool with Susan had me screaming...something following on from that and her feelings about killing her would be really cool too.

I also really love what we've seen of her relationship with Elliot and I'd like to see it through her eyes- tell me more about their childhood from Darlene's POV- besides Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie, what else did they bond over? Was Darlene's story about being kidnapped true?

If you're really feeling the darkness/mindfuckery, allow me to submit the fact that Elliot kissing her when he couldn't remember who she was really did it for me, so make of that what you will.

Imperial Radch series--Ann Leckie (Awn Elming, Justice of Toren One Esk Nineteen|Breq)

My absolute favorite element of these books is the insight we get into the AI/ancillary experience, in particular through Breq-as-One Esk Nineteen. I love how much of that experience revolved around and was communicated through her relationship with Lieutenant Awn, and the mutual respect/loyalty/love they shared. I mean, that loyalty and Breq's desire to atone inspired her quest for the gun over decades and kept her going when she'd lost everything, especially her identity as Justice of Toren.

I'd love to see a fic exploring that relationship further, whether it's something set prior to the incident on Shis'urna, something during that time period, or Breq reflecting after the destruction of the ship. How does One Esk's intimate knowledge of Awn affect their relationship? How does it affect Awn's relationship with Skaaiat? Tell me about the progression of One Esk's loyalty up to the point of shooting Awn, tell me more about the technical or physiological aspects of how One Esk reads Awn, tell me a story about a relationship between the two of them, tell me more about ancillary sex, or about Awn as a hapless baby lieutenant and One Esk looking after her and having her back.

Life (TV) (Charlie Crews, Dani Reese)

This show. I love this show a whole lot and I wanted so many more seasons of these two. I love both Charlie and Dani, their various personal struggles and coping mechanisms, some more successful than others. I love the dark streak that's there in both of them: Dani's addiction, Charlie's past and his complicated relationship with violence. I think they both have something of a self-destructive impulse they're both fighting much of the time. And of course their odd couple/unlikely partners thing, Dani as the straight man/foil to Charlie's damaged weirdo and the moments when she's perfectly self-aware about that dynamic and plays with it.

I love casefic, but let's be real, if you ship it the best thing about partners in a police procedural is all the forced proximity and mortal peril. Stakeouts, shared motel rooms, being stuck out in the middle of nowhere for's all gold. Any trope that fits well here is fair game: Undercover as a couple! Undercover pretending to be enemies. Being forced to hurt your partner/forced to watch someone else hurt your partner. Hurt/comfort. Patching each other up physically or emotionally etc. etc. Shootouts. Charlie beating the shit out of a suspect Pelican Bay-style. Charlie rambling philosophically at said suspect.

If you don't ship it romantically, that's totally cool, and I think any of these scenarios with a platonic spin would make me just as happy. I love this show best when these two are bouncing off each other, so any way you accomplish that is awesome.

If you, like me, are a fan of ridiculous Life/Standoff crossover shipping shenanigans and want to team Charlie and Matt up, you have my blessing. Any of the police procedural partner tropes I talked about above would definitely apply there too.
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Yay, I am super excited about this exchange. I had a lot of fun last year and am looking forward to seeing what you write! I'm requesting fanfic for all fandoms.

AO3: jouissant

I am really easy to please and love stories of all kinds, so I'm going to be most into the story you're excited about and want to write. So if you want to ignore this letter and write that story, by all means. I'm down with any rating, and if you want to write porn, anything goes except scat. I am really not great at prompts so I'm just going to ramble a bit below.

General likes, not at all exhaustive: banter, humor, creepy stuff/horror, bittersweetness, darker themes, angst (resolved or not), obsessive and/or codependent relationships, magical realism/magical elements, period details, slice of life, AUs (especially canon divergence AUs/historical AUs)

DNWs: kidfic, mpreg, coffeeshop/high school/totally mundane AUs, crossovers with other fandoms

Band of Brothers

Eugene Roe/Dick Winters

This is the secret pairing of my heart. I love Winters/Nixon to death, but Winters/Roe just makes a ton of sense to me. I love how quiet and still they both are; they both strike me as the sort of people who contain multitudes, and reveal them to very few. They're both absolutely essential to Easy in different ways, and in that I think they're both under a particular sort of pressure. I love Gene's characterization (esp. in Bastogne) as someone who literally runs himself ragged for the sake of the men, and I like the idea of Dick having a tendency towards that himself but maybe a shade more experience/self-awareness and thus the ability to help Gene cope, by gentle force if necessary. And the opposite too, actually; Dick's face kills me during the "you oughta know"/ ambulance scene when Moose Heyliger gets shot; he's out of his element and you can see how pissed he is at himself for fucking up, and I'd love to see the aftermath of that between them. They're definitely a pairing made for hurt/comfort and/or quiet moments fit in around the action, and I can see them falling into something together that way.

The Raven Cycle

Richard Gansey III/Ronan Lynch

I'm really interested in the relationship between Ronan and Gansey and how it sort of supplanted Ronan's familial relationships after his father died. I love their obsessiveness about each other and Gansey's impulse towards stewardship of Ronan. And I mean, TRK in general did nothing to dissuade me from shipping Ronan/Gansey- like Ch. 3's opening, for example, wherein Ronan "left Gansey still sleeping"--what even are the sleeping arrangements at Monmouth, anyway? Gansey attempting ridiculous fireside chats/come to Jesus talks with Ronan he only half listens to, that end in affectionate frustration for both parties and probably also Chainsaw. Ronan's reaction to Gansey's death was the moment that really sent me over the edge in the last book, so something dealing with that would be great as well.

OR, I'd love to see something set post-canon, too- I am fine with Blue/Gansey and Adam/Ronan and however you might want to include or not include those relationships. I really like the idea of Ronan/Gansey being its own thing that stands a bit apart.

Declan Lynch/Ronan Lynch

Good old-fashioned so wrong it's right incest with much angsting and secrecy is always welcome, especially something set pre-canon, before things go to hell at the Barns, or during early canon, where Ronan is living at Monmouth and ostensibly hating everything Declan stands for.

I love how much insight we ended up getting into Declan sort of running the show from afar, taking over the mantle from Niall. An AU where they went into business together would be amazing, with Declan the brains and Ronan the dreamer...maybe they avenge Niall's death and then storm the world of magical artifacts as a terrible twosome, having epic fights and hatesex along the way.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Llewyn Davis/Mike Timlin

I wanted to know so much more about their relationship, both as friends and/or lovers and as a performing duo. Were they happy together? What were things like back then, when they'd put their record out and were (I imagine) on the cusp of potential success? What brought it all crashing down? What was the relationship like between Llewyn, Mike, Jim and Jean? I loved Jean and Llewyn's conversation in the park; her "I miss Mike" just hinted at so much, at a past and a relationship between the four of them that Mike's death ruined, and I would love a story that teased that past out a little.

Stand Still Stay Silent

Reynir Arnason/Lalli Hotakainen

Reynir and Lalli, my favorite mages and POTENTIAL ERSTWHILE (BOY)FRIENDS, y/y?? These two are too much, between Reynir's determination to help and desire to learn and Lalli's desire to be left to his own devices as much as humanly possible. I'd love something where they're forced to work together- maybe Onni convinces Lalli to take Reynir under his wing in the dream world, maybe they need to combine forces to take on a troll or a ghost, maybe the unthinkable happens and they're all alone at the end of the world. Or just a slice of life story, some small moment of cooperation in the cat van or squabbling over floor/bedspace when Lalli's in marathon nap mode. Just the two of them coming to trust and rely on each other somehow, whether as friends or more.

I love the darkness and creepiness/horror elements of canon, so please feel free to play that up as much as you like.
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Yay! I loved this fest the first time I did it and am excited to be part of this round. Just some general things I like: banter, creepy stuff/horror, bittersweetness, space, darker themes, angst (resolved or not), obsessive and/or codependent relationships, gallows humor, magical realism, magical creatures, friendships, m/m, m/f, f/f, threesomes and moresomes, fic of any rating. I don't know, every time I try to come up with lists of what I like seems more random than the last. I'm really easy to please, honestly.

AO3: jouissant

Requesting fic for all of these. I don't know, I'm just going to ramble about these songs. Please feel free to run in any direction they pull you--half the fun for me is seeing how different people interpret them.

This Tornado Loves You--Neko Case

There's so much violence and obsession in this song, and maybe some delusion, too. Who is the singer? A murderer, a villain, a literal storm? Who do they want and why? What drove them to this point? There's obviously history here, and in the moments when she's singing about their past there's a real innocence there to me--tell me their backstory or tell me about who they are to each other, or about how things end up. Is this other person impressed by the carnage, or horrified?

The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest-- Bob Dylan

This song sounds like a fable to me-- like something told to kids to warn them off. Like okay, Frankie gets tempted into a whorehouse or whatever, but we all know he's really there for his good friend Judas Priest. So what's their deal? Is Judas Priest some kind of demon tempting Frankie to sin? Was he an innocent once who was corrupted along the way and is now bent on tempting his companion? Is this all bullshit, and did they grow old happily together somewhere, and shake their heads at how wrong the history books got it? This is such a Tragic Gay moral panic kind of story to me and I am all about any way to you want to take that or turn it on its head.

I Love You, Honeybear--Father John Misty

Everything is doomed, and nothing will be spared--but I love you, Honeybear.

A couple wrapped up in each other while the world burns--are they the instigators? Are they exempt somehow? Are they in denial? Do they just not care? What kind of apocalypse is this, anyway? Literal or metaporical? How right are they that they'll make it out together?

Rusholme Ruffians--The Smiths

This song paints such a picture for me- the last night of the fair, and people are out looking for love, for money, for sex, for all of the above. Who's the narrator? Who or what is he looking for tonight? I mean, his faith in love is STILL DEVOUT even if he walks home alone, and also he wants you to scratch his name on your arm with a fountain pen...this dude has a lot going on. He sounds in love with love to me, for better or for worse. This is why The Smiths will always appeal to my inner lovesick teenager; this song has always had a life-or-death vibe to me in the way that young love tends to feel. Does he have a relationship with any of the people he sings about at the fair? The schoolgirl, the greasy-haired speedway operator, the boy who's stabbed? Or is one of these people him, and he's telling a story about himself?
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Thanks for writing for me! I'm super excited that we matched on one of these fandoms.

Some general likes, in no order: bittersweet or ambiguous endings, historical AUs, codependent or obsessive relationships, banter, friends-to-lovers, UST, pining, canon divergence AUs, angst

I like porn! I like almost any kind of porn (really my only absolute DNW is scat) and would be psyched to get a porny gift. Unless we match on Adventure Time. Pls no Bubbline porn. Thank you.

DNWs: pregnancy or kidfic, a/b/o

AO3: jouissant


Life- Charlie Crews/Dani Reese

This show. I love this show a whole lot and I wanted so many more seasons of these two. I love both Charlie and Dani, their various personal struggles and coping mechanisms, some more successful than others. I love the dark streak that's there in both of them: Dani's addiction, Charlie's past and his complicated relationship with violence. I think they both have something of a self-destructive impulse they're both fighting much of the time. And of course their odd couple/unlikely partners thing, Dani as the straight man/foil to Charlie's damaged weirdo and the moments when she's perfectly self-aware about that dynamic and plays with it.

I love casefic, but let's be real, the best thing about shipping partners in a police procedural is all the forced proximity and mortal peril. Stakeouts, shared motel rooms, being stuck out in the middle of nowhere for's all gold. Any trope that fits well here is fair game: Undercover as a couple! Undercover pretending to be enemies. Being forced to hurt your partner/forced to watch someone else hurt your partner. Hurt/comfort. Patching each other up physically or emotionally etc. etc. Shootouts. Charlie beating the shit out of a suspect Pelican Bay-style. Charlie rambling philosophically at said suspect.

I'd also love anything dealing with the aftermath of the finale. Or just porn and/or copious fruit eating.

The Raven Cycle- Ronan/Gansey, Ronan/Declan, Declan/Gansey

I should put it out there that I'd be down for Declan/Ronan/Gansey too.

These three are just really fascinating to me and I can't get enough of any combination of them.


I'm really interested in the relationship between Ronan and Gansey and how it sort of supplanted Ronan's familial relationships. Something exploring that would be amazing, from any one of the three characters' perspectives. I love their obsessiveness about each other and Gansey's impulse towards stewardship of Ronan, how Declan kind of gave him that responsibility.


Good old-fashioned so wrong it's right incest with much angsting and secrecy is always welcome, especially something set during canon, where Ronan is living at Monmouth and ostensibly hating everything Declan stands for.

Something maximizing the creepier elements of canon/Ronan's dreaming/Gansey's potential death would be very welcome. I'd love to see Ronan dealing with that, especially Ronan dealing with that with Declan.


I started shipping this because of Yuletide and now I want more. What I find really interesting about them is how similar they are, yet how solidly they fall on opposite sides of some imaginary Ronan-flavored line. I'd love to see Declan's perspective on Gansey and his quest at any point in the books, some of the secrets he's hiding, how he might theoretically get dragged into Cabeswater.

Stand Still Stay Silent- Lalli Hotakainen/Emil Västerström

I started shipping these two the second they made ~prolonged eye contact on the train, and I've been loving the comic's little hints at the friendship they've carved out despite their language barrier and Lalli's relative introversion.

I'd love anything with these two: slice of life fic (I'm always fascinated by how day-to-day life works in the postapocalypse), missionfic (what if the two of them had to scout something together? The put-upon night scout having to drag his sort-of friend along). Emil reacting to Lalli's magic, or hurt/comfort with Lalli being totally drained and nosebleedy after a major magical effort, or something set in Lalli's dream world (maybe Emil gets pulled in somehow)?

Adventure Time- Bubblegum/Marceline

I'm crazy for these two, and Stakes made my year. <3 All I really want is Marcy/PBubs hangouts, past present or future. Angst or fluff, backstory from any point in their relationship, fallout from Stakes or Stakeout, PB's perspective on Marceline's immortality and her decision to de-vampirize, even if it didn't work? I feel like there must have been some conflict there--her desire to give Marceline what she wants (and also to experiment, lbr) vs. the potential eventual loss of this person who's been a constant for millennia.

I also love the hints we get of this ominous, mercenary side to Bubblegum--Marceline's perspective on that or a darker toned fic or just...the two of them in the Nightosphere, idk would be interesting.
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Hello! I am really excited that we matched on one of these fandoms, and I'm beyond excited to see what you come up with. First off, know that I am really, really easy to please and will be thrilled to read your fic. Have fun with it. I'm going to throw out a bunch of tropes and some prompt ideas, and if one of them draws you in, great. If not, also great!

AO3: jouissant

General stuff

Some random likes: banter, pining, creepy stuff/horror, bittersweetness, IN SPAAAAACE, darker themes, angst (resolved or not), obsessive, unhealthy, and/or codependent relationships, gallows humor, strong friendships, found families, canon-divergent AUs, magical realism, friends-to-lovers, bedsharing, hurt/comfort, awkward first times

Dislikes: curtainfic, 100% pure fluff. I'm also not totally averse to a/b/o or mpreg but would prefer not to receive it for these fandoms in this exchange.

Yuleporn: I would be very happy to receive porny fic for Yuletide, if you're into that! Some stuff I like besides good old hot vanilla sex: frottage, desperation, sex pollen/fuck or die, dubcon, watersports, size kink, BDSM, power play, blood/painplay, breathplay, drunk sex. I would totally be into porn for any of my fandoms.


The Raven Cycle

Ronan Lynch, Richard Gansey III

I definitely ship Ronan/Gansey, but I would be up for anything involving these two and their relationship, romantic/sexual or not.

Some thoughts: I love their codependence and the way Gansey looks out for Ronan to what can't possibly be a healthy degree. I'd love to see a fic where that catches up with him--where is Gansey's breaking point when it comes to Ronan? What if Ronan tried to push him there?

Some other thoughts:
D/s overtones (what if they just stumbled into this without really knowing it was a thing, or if it started platonically and then they realized they were into it in a sexual way?)

How did Ronan react when Gansey and Adam became friends? I feel that their little trio is very much a work in progress, with Gansey (and Blue, increasingly) as the glue. How does that play out?

I also really enjoy the potential creep factor of both Ronan's dreaming and Gansey's Glendower obsession, so either of those taken to extremes or just explored further would be great. Feel free to go wild with canon magic. Or with Gansey's future death (just fuck me up).

I'm really chill with shipping in this fandom and love all the characters so honestly feel free to mix in whoever, esp if you prefer a gen take on things.

It Follows (2014)

Jay Height

This movie floored me. I LOVED it, from the allegorical creepiness of the curse to the exhausting inevitability of Jay's flight from it to the atmospheric, ambiguous setting to the scrappiness of Jay's friends coming together to try and solve the mystery. I'd love anything playing up the vibe of the movie.

What happens to Jay after the events of the film? Was that blurry figure in the background just some random pedestrian, or...? Does she develop some sort of elaborate plan to stay one step ahead of the curse? Does it make it back to her someday? I'm requesting Jay, but I'd also be up for fic exploring someone else affected by the curse.

Also, I'm kind of into Jay's relationship with Paul--what is the backstory there? How does she feel about finally giving in to afflicting him with the curse, and how does it affect their relationship going forward?

Canon-typical violence or character death is absolutely fine for this fandom.

Band of Brothers

Dick Winters, Lewis Nixon

My heart! I ship these two like crazy (obligatory disclaimer that I'm referring to the characters in the miniseries, not The Actual Dudes) but I would also be down for anything about the two of them as best friends either during the war or immediately afterwards.

Winters in particular just kills me--I love his (what seems like) effortless ability to hew on the side of what's right. He's so steely, but he's also kind of snarky and doesn't suffer fools (deciding to choose the court-martial in ep. 1; his occasional lowkey shit-talking) and while he's sort of an ascetic he doesn't begrudge others their indulgences (and he enables Nix's drinking outright...why? To see him happy, albeit in a fucked up kind of way? I love the idea of that being his one vice, or a stand-in for the ways he really wants to make him happy, omg I'm upsetting myself T__T).

I love the canon setting, but I'd be open to canon divergence AUs or some other war, past or future, real or fictional. I'd prefer not to get a total AU (coffeeshop AU etc) for this fandom, but omg a noir AU or some other period-appropriate AU would be kind of amazing.

But there can never be enough canon setting fic, like good old hurt/comfort or huddling for warmth in foxholes in Bastogne or furtive, quick and dirty "thank god we're both still alive" fucking in, like, abandoned houses, or throwing cold piss in people's faces to wake them up, wtf Winters, what even was that? It's such a strange moment. Watersports. Wait what?

Or celebrating in Austria. Or Nix angsting over Dick putting in for a transfer to the Pacific and deciding to go along--what was that conversation like?

Presumed dead is one of my favorite tropes, so something playing with that would be great. Pining, "we really shouldn't" vibes where they both dance around the inevitable, missionfic...I'd love any of those. Period-specific attitudes to homosexuality are totally fine if you choose to deal with the characters' identities in that respect, which you might not. I'd actually prefer that to "everyone magically has 2015-level enlightened attitudes" because that tends to break my suspension of disbelief a bit, but like I said you don't actually need to address it head on.
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Hello! Thank you for writing for me for this exchange. I'm excited that we share one or more TRC ships and I'm looking forward to what you write. I'm really easy to please, so please don't stress and have fun with your story, and I'm sure I'll love it.

General stuff:

Likes: darker themes, angst (resolved or not), pining, unhealthy relationships, obsessive or codependent relationships, gallows humor, strong friendships, found families, canon-divergent AUs, use of canon elements (magic/Cabeswater/dream objects etc.)

Dislikes: fluff, curtainfic, futurefic where all the canon events are nicely resolved, total AUs (coffeeshop AUs etc).

I'm cool with sex of any level of explicitness for any of these pairings. I don't have any specific Do Not Wants or triggers.



I have a lot of feelings about these two. I love their codependence and the way Gansey looks out for Ronan to what can't possibly be a healthy degree. I'd love to see a fic where that catches up with him--where is Gansey's breaking point when it comes to Ronan? What if Ronan tried to push him there?

Some other thoughts:
D/s overtones (what if they just stumbled into this without really knowing it was a thing, or if it started platonically and then they realized they were into it a sexual way?)

How did Ronan react when Gansey and Adam became friends?

Pre-canon, prior to Niall's death, the calm before the storm.


These two...gah, they're right up there with Gansey/Ronan for me. I love the complexities of their relationship, the way Adam seems to vacillate between hating Gansey and loving him, wanting to be him and wanting to destroy everything he stands for. I'd love to see something dealing with the way his growing powers get tangled up with that. What about what he saw in the tree? And the party in The Dream Thieves--a missing scene from that would be cool, or an alternate take that sees the two of them fighting for slightly different reasons.


These three are just a big codependent mess, imo. You could write about them finding their footing as a trio, about the rockiness and feelings that crop up around it. I imagine there was a lot of tension around Adam's home life before that was resolved--what kind of conversations/arguments came out of that? How does Adam deal with his issues surrounding the socioeconomic differences between them?

How do they sort things out and come together? How does Blue upset the applecart, if at all? I'd love a story that gets into the messy parts of being a threesome, the jealousies, the hurt feelings. They're basically kids, they're not going to do any of this perfectly.


Okay, forbidden love is one of my ultimate jams, and Blue and Gansey's illicit drives and phone calls are like catnip to me. I can totally see them enlisting Noah as a middle man of sorts, like a proxy for the physical aspect of their relationship. Maybe the three of them do it once and fall into the habit, maybe they all fall for each other. Maybe Noah is interested in Blue and thinks this is his best shot at any kind of relationship, and Blue and Gansey can't bring themselves to put a stop to things.


Trash ship time!

Magical compulsions! Mind control! Necrophilia! I don't know! I just know that there is a high likelihood that Gansey is not going to be 100% in his right mind when he finally finds Glendower and that the chances of that going wrong somehow are also reasonably high. Feel free to go as dark with this as you want. I could also see some kind of Chamber of Secrets/Tom Riddle type situation happening, with Glendower compelling Gansey to find him For Nefarious Reasons.
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First off, thanks for signing up and offering these songs! I'm really excited about this fest and think the concept is really cool, so I'm looking forward to pretty much anything. I don't tend to come up with very concrete narrative ideas from songs outside of what's explicitly there in the lyrics, so please feel free to take any prompts very loosely or just go to town writing original fic inspired by the song in some way. I say this in all my dear author letters, but I really want to read the story you want to write, and that matters way more to me than anything I suggest here. Especially with this fest, I'm really looking forward to being taken in a totally random direction with my assignment, so I want to emphasize that kind of open ended-ness in my letter. I like slash, femslash, het and gen fic, all ratings. I have very few squicks, and can be sold on pretty much anything narrative-wise.

General thematic likes: worldbuildy stuff, in spaaaaace, dystopias, creepiness, horror elements, totally weird & out of left field stuff, slice of life, historical fiction, romance, melancholy or dark fic as long as there's hope in there somewhere.

Dislikes: lots of explicit gore or violence, though aftermath or discussion of such is fine. Totally gratuitous non-con, although again it's all in the handling.

The songs!

Cemetery Gates, The Smiths: I get this image of friends who are also academic or artistic rivals in some way, because of the narrator chiding the second person for plagiarizing. Adults or teenagers or younger kids, it's all good. Why are they in the cemetery? Are they ~deep, emo teenagers who hang out in graveyards? Are they ghosts?

Hairdresser on Fire, Morrissey: The story behind this song is fascinating to me- it just seems like such an off the wall thing to write about. I would love to read a story that just takes the lyrics and plays them straight: A hairdresser with powers-what are they exactly? Is this a world where this kind of power is common, or are they hiding it? "Can you squeeze me into an empty page in your diary/and supernaturally change me?/I've got faith in you."

Razzle-Dazzle Rose, Camera Obscura: So Razzle-Dazzle Rose is a Crayola crayon color, which I know because I was really into the massive package of Crayolas as a child. Anyway. Maybe because of that, I get kind of a coming of age/childhood friendships evolving vibe from this song. Femslash for this one might be really awesome.

Off To The Races, Lana Del Ray: There's so much going on here, man. You could go play with the Old Hollywood vibe, write about a struggling actress who thinks she has it all figured out, treat her as an unreliable narrator, write her as actual Lolita/Dolores Haze all grown up...this song pleases me immensely, so you can seriously just go nuts with it and I'm sure I'll love it.
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Title: When You're Strange
Author: jouissant
Word Count: ~5500
Warnings/Themes: Tentacles, Rimming, Awkward first times
Summary: Carlos and Cecil's first time is full of surprises, for Carlos anyway.

When You're Strange
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Title: Sea Change
Artist(s): [personal profile] aku_rin, [personal profile] cannedebonbon
Universe: AOS
Pairing(s): Kirk/Spock, Spock/OMC, Kirk/Helen Noel
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: none
Summary: As the five-year mission gets underway, Kirk and Spock are on course to develop a friendship--or something--that will define them both. Then, a poorly-timed away mission changes everything. Before they can begin to deal with the fallout, Jim disappears. With his captain presumed dead, Spock has no choice but to accept a promotion and try to move on. But when he starts experiencing disturbing visions, he gradually begins to suspect that Jim may be alive after all. (A canon-divergent AU assuming they began the 5-year mission following STXI.)

Link to Fic: On AO3
Link to Art: Art by Aku-rin on LJ
Link to Art: Art by Cannedebonbon on LJ
banner for sea change by cannedebonbon
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Title: When the Long Trick's Over
Author: [personal profile] jouissant
Universe/Series: AOS
Rating: NC-17
Relationship status: Established
Word count: ~3800
Warnings: None
Additional Pairings: N/A
Summary: The first day back on Earth after the five-year mission, both Jim and his wardrobe are at loose ends.

When the Long Trick's Over
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Title: post tenebras lux
Author: [personal profile] jouissant
Fandom: Star Trek AOS (Star Trek into Darkness)
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~2,600 words
Summary: It’s as if McCoy’s departure has sucked the oxygen from the room. Spock suddenly finds himself at a loss, as if the sheer magnitude of all he wants to say and do, the measure of it, is too much to put into words.

Notes/Warnings: I took some liberties re: the state of Jim's body post-superblood. Also, this work contains unprotected sex- everyone's up on their hypos, okay? Okay. Enjoy!

I sparkly heart you, Trek fandom! It's good to be back, huh?

For this prompt at [profile] trekkink.

post tenebras lux at AO3
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Title: Under the Milky Way, Tonight
Author: jouissant
Fandom: ST:XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/Spock/Uhura
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~4,000
Warnings: None
Notes: Written for Porn Battle XIV, for the prompts "convince" and "once"

Summary: She's not sure when this became a thing, them drinking and him propositioning her and Spock. She can't remember when it started, and it must have been gradual because Nyota knows once upon a time she would have shut that shit down post fucking haste, and he'd never have said another word. But Kirk is sneaky, and he snuck up on her, and now he's here, sitting next to her on the banquette with the smiling eyes and the booming laughter and the hand on Spock's shoulder and it's like…why didn't she think of this herself?

Read at AO3

Read here )
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Ugh, I am doing some reconnaissance for PA school applications and I am finding it singularly irritating that in 2013 my undergrad college only accepts transcript requests by mail or fax. I mean, yes, I am clearly an entitled Child of the Intarwebs but at this point it kind of seems like they're doing it out of spite.

(Actually they're probably doing it because it's a small college with a small registrar's office, and having a built in slower turnaround time for transcript requests is probably better for them, but I reserve the right to whine like an asshole on my journal.)

I paid a long-standing fine from my graduate university in order to get a financial bar cleared so I can get my transcripts from them, and it feels good to get that out of the way. I am such a weirdo; I get these blocks about dealing with the simplest things and turn molehills into mountains by ignoring them and hoping they'll go away. I was all stressed out about getting my grad school adviser to write me a letter of recommendation and then not submitting a grad school transcript, because obviously that would be weird, but now that is no longer a problem. So now I need to send her an email asking if she'll write me a letter and feeling kind of sheepish about changing fields completely. But oh well. She is awesome and it will be nice to reconnect and I'm sure she'll be fine about the letter.

I went to an information session for my top choice program (and, um, probably the only one I'll be applying to, as I need to stay local) last night, and it was simultaneously reassuring and daunting. Ugh, I just...I feel like I have finally realized what I want to do with my life and I want it so badly, so it's hard for me to be cool about it. Also, the program is incredibly intense; it's like med school in 2.5 years instead of 4. But holy shit, it all seems so cool, and the more I talk to PAs about what they do the more exciting it is. But of course, mom guilt is already creeping in as I think about what kind of childcare we're going to need to line up for S. when and if I get in and start school. Must banish the negative self talk. It's better to grow up with a parent who's fulfilled and loves what they do, right? Right.

Saga #11 is so gorgeous, you guys. I may need to frame the cover. Fiona Staples, you've outdone yourself.

I mean, look:

Saga 11

HE IS SPINNING. WITH FLOWERS. Not pictured, his magical spinning wheel. It's glorious. This whole book is glorious and I love, love, love it. I highly recommend it.


Mar. 15th, 2013 03:29 pm
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Spring has definitely sprung around here, and I've been in a great mood accordingly. It's my birthday month and it's always the springiest, prettiest month around these parts, with everything blooming and temps in the 60s-70s, so warm enough to break out springy things but not hot yet. I've been on break from school this week and I've had a cold, OF COURSE, but I'm finally feeling better and back on track with my good moodiness.

I'm working on a Hawkeye fic, which has been super fun, but I think I'm at a place where I need to wait and make sure I'm not writing anything that contradicts canon too terribly much- I am waiting for the trade paperback of Hawkeye 1-6 to get to me next week so I can double check. Writing comics fic is kind of hard; I think I kind of subconsciously pare down my writing so it's really spare, and of course I'm worried about getting the voices right since I've never written these characters before. Clint Barton, you are a man of few words. I am caught up on Young Avengers, the new run and the one directly preceding, so I feel like I have a little better handle on Kate, although I have been hearing spoilery rumors re: Hawkeye/YA ) that I'm trying to forget I ever heard.

Also selectively rewatching XF for another writing project and hot damn, how can two people have so much onscreen chemistry? I just keep writhing around in my chair like, "OH YOU TWO" at them every time Mulder or Scully says anything. I've also gotten sucked in to a hilarious tumblr chronicling the bizarreness of the GA/DD relationship, which I cannot believe I knew nothing about in all my years of XF obsession. Maybe because I was in middle and high school and ~wanted to believe and just had total blinders on about the fact that they were at best completely indifferent to each other, and said as much (or worse!) all the time in interviews? Who knows. I never really shipped them, just Mulder/Scully, though, so idk. They seem to have just gotten weirder with the passing years.

AAAND, the new ST trailer ) I have faith that no matter what happens, fandom will fill in the gaps, so it's all good.
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So I'm basically just refreshing my Rarewomen signup waiting for my assignment and hoping to match on Saga because I got caught up and now I pretty much need all the fic. And there is one (1) Saga fic on AO3 right now, from Yuletide. I actually ventured into my neighborhood comics store yesterday and it was...interesting. But it was pretty hopping for 10:45 on a Friday morning, randomly. I'm excited to have a place to go pick up new books when they come out, and it's so close. Yay for instant gratification!

And thanks to [personal profile] daphnie_1 for the new icon! The H mug! *dying*
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Somehow I have been eaten by a slight comics obsession. I blame this on Stupid Tumblr- first I rewatched Thor, Captain America, and Avengers, and then I started following a Marvel blog and was seduced by some scans of Runaways. So I am now in possession of the entire run and am working my way through. I'm only on #4 but am enjoying so far- I just realized how much I love the "runaways make it on their own/ find chosen family" trope. Especially if said runaways have an awesome hideout.

I also saw some scans of Hawkeye, and OMG YES. The art is awesome; it reminds me a little bit of Dan Clowes and the whole book is pretty spare and a little noirish. I may actually venture to a real live comic book store to track down some more issues, but I preordered Vol. 1 which comes out in March because having to deal with/store actual individual issues of comic books stresses me out and we have way too much crap in our house already. I am really excited about Kate Bishop showing up; I saw some scans from later in the series and I'm looking forward to Hawkeye & Hawkeye banter.

Last but definitely not least in my comics binge is Saga--it's about a couple on opposing sides of an interplanetary war who, against all odds, get together and have a baby. They're now on the run from both sides of the conflict and a freelance bounty hunter. I'm kind of in love with the whole world of this comic and the characters. I signed up for Rarewomen and really, really hope I get to write about someone from Saga.

I am pretty monofannish for the most part so it's exciting to feel that way about something besides Trek for a change. And daunting, because (at least with Marvel) there is SO MUCH out there.

In other writing news, I am almost 10k into a Trek AU that is, kill me now, a Dragonriders of Pern fusion. I don't even know. I went to ye olde kink meme looking for ideas and someone prompted this and talked about Bones as a crotchety weyr healer who seriously side-eyes the whole dragonriding thing and I don't know, I just really wanted to write it. And instead of being crack, it is painfully earnest, because I'm broken and can't write crack. I refused to give them all the dragonrider honorifics, though, because no. Anyway, I now have semi-elaborate headcanon for what would happen if Vulcans colonized Pern along with humans and why they might not be so hot on the whole Impression thing (Spock is cast as a reluctant bluerider who impresses by accident, a la Jaxom and Mirrim, if you're familiar with Pern at all). Who knows if this will ever see the light of day, but it's immensely pleasing to my 9-year-old self to be writing it.

I'm also thinking about plotting out a sequel to my STBB from 2010 (Something Rich and Strange, aka most pretentiously titled story ever, aka the only long fic I've ever written.) I have no idea where to go with it, or how far to take it. I reread SRaS and, after 2+ years I actually feel like it's pretty good and might be worth expanding on. I think Into Darkness might give me some more juice for that kind of wordbuilding.

AND, I started watching TOS with the mini and he can now successfully identify both Kirk ("Coke") and Spock ("Pock") without prompting. My work here is done.
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Title: Floriography
Author: jouissant
Fandom: ST:XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/Spock
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5437
Warnings: None
Summary: Jim hates Valentine's Day, so it's a good thing he's dating a Vulcan, right?...Right?

Just some fluff for Valentine's Day. Written for KSValentine 2013.

Read at AO3

Read here )
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* I started a stupid Tumblr. I'm if anyone is interested. I still basically hate it but I fear missing ST insanity in May so I am succumbing.

* Watching TV and movies with my husband has broken my suspension of disbelief. Case in point, I watched the first two episodes of Teen Wolf and I'm about to watch the third. I am incredibly bothered by the fact that they're playing lacrosse in the fall when I'm pretty sure high school lacrosse is always a spring sport. Why this should affect my enjoyment of an MTV show about teenage werewolves is a mystery to me. This is why I don't watch anything I actually care about with S because he is a ruiner.

* Re: Teen Wolf- it's growing on me. I enjoy the banter between Scott and Stiles and I'm curious about Derek and the "rules" of werewolfness in the TW universe. Not sure I'm interested in the fandom, but never say never, I guess. It's a good mix of cute, funny, and creepy so far.

* S is on a mini roadtrip with a friend of his so it's just the little and me today. I am way too excited about putting the kiddo to bed, watching a movie, drinking some wine, then maybe doing some writing. And making the best soup ever for dinner.


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